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  1. I always remember Ryan Fraser doing an interview a few years after he left us for Bournemouth. Talked about how when he was with us he used to eat dominoes every weekend and now with Bournemouth he was eating right. I found it quite astounding, is it not pretty obvious that dominoes isn’t the diet of a professional athlete? Does that require sports science and nutritionists? Is no one at Scottish clubs telling them to get a fuckin grip?
  2. Having seen miovski go off injured today, I’ll be raging if he’s anywhere near the subs bench on Thursday.
  3. I think the sending off is harsh. I really don’t know why refs are looking for reasons to send people off. But Dundee should have had a penalty.
  4. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense. If we came out to press more and be a bit more direct then that is a tactical decision. Naismith made several subs to try and counter it and it didn’t really work. That is by definition tactical. Not saying we were amazing but I agree with you that he’s trying to excuse himself of any responsibility with chat like that.
  5. Yeah I thought so. It’s cynical as well, looks like pure frustration and just a proper swipe.
  6. Still not heard it but that’s reminiscent of the Stephen glass era. A failure to recognise that it doesn’t really matter if you have lots of the ball and create chances, if you’re completely incapable of keeping clean sheets it makes winning football games quite hard.
  7. Steven naismiths post match comments suggests he’s not taking it well either
  8. Primarily shareholders but also stakeholders which covers a wide range of interested parties, a significant one being the association their members of and league body. And acting in the interests of shareholders is not code for take any decision possible to maximise shareholder income.
  9. Not seen/heard it yet. Will enjoy the win a bit longer
  10. Don’t think that’s ever been in question tbh. Was good to see that intensity though, completely devoid of it on Wednesday.
  11. You’re not taking this well. have a pint and enjoy strictly.
  12. We’ve hit the spiralling out of control stage, and the board will do nothing.
  13. Is this his ‘playing Christian Ramirez as a number 10’ moment?
  14. I genuinely can’t fathom how much game time Hayes gets
  15. Enjoying the outrage online at Barry robson having the temerity to smile during his presser.
  16. None of what you’ve said is evidence that we don’t have a good squad. It just proves it’s not performing well. In fact, you say yourself that good players in a bad framework is a problem. Well aye, that applies to a good squad being managed poorly. Just a case of wait and see I suppose. I was far more concerned under Stephen glass, who I believe is a much better coach than Barry robson but he was managing a decidedly average bunch. I don’t feel that with this squad and I felt the same even after the hearts/darvel/hibs debacle last season.
  17. You’re making a compelling case. But I think I probably just about want us to win.
  18. Hamiltons premiership stint was hilarious. The amount of grown men I met who were raging about them being in the top flight was astonishing. The current iteration is pretty dull to be fair.
  19. You often pop up with quite a lot of innuendo whenever mcinnes is mentioned. The relationship between cormack and mcinnes was clearly different to that with Milne and cormack had a different vision for how to structure the club going forward. It’s then entirely believable that there would be no contract renewal. If you know different then fine, share it. But if you feel you can’t share it, the ‘oh you believe that? You’re thick’ act is pretty shite behaviour.
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