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  1. Yesterday was the first time we'd seen it to that extent since last season, and it's something I'd really hoped had been binned. It throws any sort of structure or shape out the window.
  2. Thought Hamilton was excellent with his link up play and winning headers, but he has to absolutely bury that chance.
  3. I guess that's the downside to the depth of squad we have, in attacking areas at least. Keeping everyone happy but sticking to the strongest side, recognising that sometimes subs will come on and change the game.
  4. That's pretty much how I saw the game. Granted, I was watching on a stream for the first time in the league this season, so there will have been elements of play I wouldn't have seen, and possibly was guided by the commentary a bit. However up until the goal I didn't feel as though I was watching anything other than a fairly even game that could go either way. I was dissapointed to see the scatter gun substitutions return though. Thought we'd seen the end of that.
  5. Inverness should have been out of sight last week - and I don't think that's something that could be said about Airdrie today. Certainly don't grudge them the win, but it was an even game. There were perhaps nuances within how we played that were difference, but as an overall performance, today was significantly better than last week. We got a bit fortunate last week, and didn't this week.
  6. I am a wee bit concerned that we don't know what the strongest 11 is. As much as I thought the changes were right on paper today, I do fear that the options we have make it so tempting to tinker week to week. Gives very little scope for getting a settled 11 on the park. Today doesn't change much, for me. I think we were lucky to have had the points total we had, but do feel we are a decent side who should finish top 4. A lot of that is still on paper though. Murray needs to establish a strongest 11 I'm still really, really dissapointed with Hamilton in front of goal. He gives us a hell of a lot with his general play, but he's been nowhere near good enough in terms of scoring goals. That's the big concern for me. We struggled last season largely down to having strikers who couldn't score, and despite making a very good signing to solve that, it's not really changed. I think some thoughts of us due somebody a doing are absolutely miles off the mark. That said, it's the first bad result this season, it's vital not to over react. That will happen to an extent, and has already started to, but nothing has been won or lost yet.
  7. I thought we were easily worse than that last week, to be honest.
  8. It's unfortunate that after such a great start, we will have toys well and truly flung out the pram after the first bad result.
  9. We've played worse and won this season, just one of those. Airdrie are a decent side who will be in the hunt this season, fair play.
  10. Hamilton forced a great save, Mullin went close, Brown went close.
  11. Bit of an over reaction tbh. We've not been great today, but could really have been ahead. Great save from a Hamilton chance not long before the goal.
  12. Ended the half much stronger. That said,with Millen and Masson already on a booking, I'd be happy with a point here.
  13. 1 good save a piece, not a great performance from Rovers though. Another game where we've made changes that make sense, but have got into any kind of rhythm.
  14. Ah yes, that is more what we are used to. Why can't we have nice things?
  15. Thar makes sense, we only have one centre forward in the squad at the moment.
  16. I can't really see these guys slotting straight into the starting 11 of those teams, and that's what we need.
  17. I actually don't think we've played that well this season, certainly I'm pleasantly surprised to be on 13 out of 15 points. If you had told me that with 8 mins to go at Firhill, I'd have assumed you were on glue. Id probably be looking to get at least one of Easton or Mullin back in for this, and to be honest it would be Vaughan or Smith who drop out. We haven't been getting anywhere near enough from Hamilton in front of goal, but he's a genuine number 9 and gives us a lot. The break for Gullans goal came from Hamilton winning a header in the box, a fucking novelty in recent times. Don't know much about Airdrie but they've started the season well. Point here would be absolutely fine.
  18. Don't think it's that surprising, he didn't stand out in the Highland League last season.
  19. I'm a bit dissapointed with how Hamilton has been in front of goal, but we are really seeing the benefit of having an actual centre forward. On holiday for this one, do Airdrie offer a streaming service?
  20. Thought we were absolute keech first half, Inverness should have easily been in front. Once again, changes won us the game. Starting Vaughan was completely understandable, he won the game for us against Queens Park, but he was shoe-horned into that side, to the detriment of the team. Some hit from Gullan, fair play. Not his biggest fan by any means, but he got us the win today.
  21. Vaughan in for Mullin wasn't a good move, in hindsight. Fucking awful stuff, very lucky to be level.
  22. They aren't Raith Rovers players to be fair.
  23. They aren't Raith Rovers players to be fair.
  24. England are fucking miles ahead of anyone we've played in a while. Real wake up call.
  25. Thought Cliftonville were really poor, similar standard to Albion Rovers earlier in the season. Once we could be arsed, was a walk in the park.
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