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  1. Futba eh. Didn’t see the equaliser happening even at 2-1. Should’ve won by 3 or 4.
  2. I thought 2nd half especially Bakayoko started winning headers and ruffling up Hearts centrehalfs a bit.
  3. Holy f**k what’s happened to this topic. If I call this game a derby will it get it back on track?
  4. Lamie will cover for Beck. A centre forward and an attacking midfielder would be braw. Probably pushing it though.
  5. Mo Sylla put in a more than decent performance today. Some save from Carson, did the filth really free him
  6. Scary to think he’s had the final pass only twice out of probably 160 or so goals in his time here.
  7. For me Byrne needed to be more forward thinking when in possession. Wish him all the best for the future. Free’s up a wage hopefully for us to bring in another player.
  8. We could do with a left sided centrehalf now.
  9. Think there’s at least 4 of them out of contract with their parent club at the end of the season. Hopefully it’s a case of if things go well we can secure them on contracts. If they perform well it’s a good building block going forward.
  10. I’m not really that fussed about the handball tbh.
  11. I can see his reasoning. Think he just wanted to get a point on the board and get the season up and running. We were comfortable in the game. Having said that when Motherwell got the corner in the last minute of injury time I thought here we go. Pineda and or Tiffoney for either of the front 2 or both is what I would’ve done though.
  12. I’ll take the point. Good to get the he season up and running. Probably should’ve won all 3 points though.
  13. Would imagine Donelly would cover there once he recovers from his injury.
  14. Dinnae believe everything you read in the papers or on twitter mate.
  15. f**k having bigotry steeped heavily in your life.
  16. Superb. He’ll love the traditional Hullo Hullo at 5 to 3 on Saturday.
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