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  1. 3 hours ago, Leith Green said:

    This isnt the first time an away support have complained about how these tickets are provisioned at Easter Road.

    I always thought that having e-ticking type arrangements would make things easier, but sometimes you just yearn for the days of the wee portakabin near the south stand......................................

    Just the hour and a half to get the tickets. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Lalo said:

    I get where you’re coming from but not sure if I can see him dropping Lyall tbh he’s been excellent for us recently imo. Although I do agree that I’d like boateng in the side I’m just now sure how I’d squeeze him in 

    The only place I could see him fit in is further forward replacing either Tiffoney or Costelloe in the same system to fit Boateng in. Might not be a bad idea against what would normally be regarded as 1 of the harder away games. 

    He’s excelled since the winter break, he’s not going anywhere anyway. 

  3. 38 minutes ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

    Not for me. Beck is more important to the team than Shaughnessy by a considerable distance. Beck missing at LB can't be replaced, not just with his defensive abilities but with his assists and contribution to the attacking phase of our play. A back three of Lamie; Donnely and Portales wouldn't see much difference. 

    The core of the team would include Sylla or Boateng as they are more closely linked to the defensive side. 

    Of course you're entitled to your view and i'll have mine.

    Thank you.

    All about opinions. Could 100% see your point of view and who’s to say you’re wrong! 

    1 thing we can agree on it’s great to have these options. 👍

    Sign the boys we’ve got on loan who are in the final months of their contracts at their parent clubs and it’s a great position to build on for next season. 

  4. 15 minutes ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

    He's not at the centre of everything defensively, simple as that, although as Spuddy alluded to he's a brilliant communicator and probably just what the likes of Donnelly and Beck need. He's been an important part of the squad this season and overall has contributed well.

    In a back three he's excelled in some matches whilst notching a few important goals which has raised his stock with the fans . In a back two he's struggled multiple times and St Johnstone taegetted him almost scoring on multiple occasions had they not been dugmeat. It's not that wild to suggest Lamie would perform better there in the two.

    Didn't ask for him to be dropped and as Captain it's not going to happen anyway. Just pointing out the facts and he's no colossus in the air don't know if I've missed that - he's just a very competent centre back (which is a great improvement on recent years).

    No he's not. Beck and McCowan would be ahead of him as first picks. 

    Thank you.

    I’ll give you he’s performed better in a 3 but at no point in this season have I not had him starting a game whether in a 4 or a 3. The reason he’s better in a 3 is he’s left to go and attack everything. That’s his strength, he’s excellent in air. Both defensive and attacking set pieces he’s the one to go an attack the ball. Even the long throw ins, if it’s not him taking the throw it’s Donnelly trying to find him with it. Vocally it’s him and Carson organising things. He’s a massive, massive part of the side imo and been a great signing. 

    There’s no doubting Beck’s been exceptional this season but you do tend to pick a side around the core of the team down the middle and the rest fit in around it. If everyone’s fit the team starts Carson, Shaughnessey, McCowan nobody will disagree with that. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

    Not sure how Joe will cope next season with league games every weekend and European travels and games mid week - or am I just getting ahead of myself?

    No not all. Our budget will hugely increase due to the money from the group stage of European football next season. We’ll have replacements for big Joe. It’s just where The Doc prioritises European or domestic football. Joe’s the 1st pick centrehalf either way. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Pens_Dark said:

    If I'm honest I saw him v St Mirren and thought that he could probably do with a game or two off. Not because of poor performances but just because he has been a mainstay and probably knackered. 

    His importance to our defence can't be underestimated.

    I think we can all agree on that. Hopefully with there being no midweek games the last couple of weeks he’s resting up and ready to go on Saturday. 

  7. 13 hours ago, Dundee-FC92 said:

    Big Joe has been one of our worst performers over the past few weeks and his pace causes issues which may come to a head at Easter Road. May sound out the blue but it's also true.

    Lamie and Donnelly are our strongest pairing with the four at the back IMO.

    Had to double take there with the new picture. Now even more beautiful than usual Spuddy.

    Tickets selling well for Hibs. I'll be enjoying the day out win, lose or draw. We're safe as houses in the league and every game now is a chance to reach top six where if it doesn't come off there's absolutely no failure attached. Strange territory for all Dees; enjoy it while we can folks.

    Thank you.

    Come on aye. The guys at the centre of everything defensively. Wins header after header and organised everyone around him. No ones dropping Joe. Allowed a bad game or 2 giving the amount of games he’s played since mid January. 

  8. 12 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:


    Have you two ever actually played football?

    If youre running, jumping, and stretching your leg, then youll also twist and your arms come out.

    Im more worried about how thats a sign he clearly panicked in a high tempo situation and misjudged the shot by miles rather than his actual body position during it.

    If you’ve ever played football you’d know you’d get called a sh!tebag by your manager for turning your back on a shot. 

    It’s a penalty, stop yer slavering.👇

  9. 36 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

    Just watched the highlights.  BBC showing its usual bias with the highlights.  Didn’t show a single shot on target by St Johnstone…………….

    Mr Levein also said Rangers didn’t open them up. I take it he was away having a sh!t when Dessers was 1 on 1 with the keeper twice. 

    Saintees are still the worst team we’ve played in the league. They’re  going down. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Luke Newman said:


    McGhee Shaughnessy Donnelly Beck

                     Sylla            Boateng 

    Costelloe      McCowan    Reilly


    This is a very strong team that could happen in the next few weeks. Portales may be a better player than Joe but he is our Captain and helps Donnelly

    Either Joe or Luke McCowan 1st names on the team sheet for me. Portales does well in a back 3 not seen him in a back 4 yet. 

    You’d drop Cameron, that’s a shock to put it mildly!


    I’d like to see the 3 behind Mellon be Mulligan, McCowan and Cameron. Think that would be awesome. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Luke Newman said:

    I would definitely keep Costelloe in as he was so positive and direct. Tiffoney I thought was hiding from the ball and not willing to tackle but he is good in the final third and creative. Cameron should start depending on the opponent as I’d like to see Boateng and Sylla together 

    As bizarre as it sounds I didn’t think Tiffoney done much 1st half today. Improved 2nd half in a different position.

    Would probably prefer Costelloe on the left. He’s a far better player further forward, he’s nowhere near good enough in the wingback position at the moment. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Shadow Play said:

    His control of the ball, ability to shoot and pick a pass are all superb.  Unlike most flair players McCowan’s work rate and defensive work is also superb.  It really is a pleasure to watch him play.  I just hope we can tempt him to sign a contract extension. 

    He’s been brilliant since The Doc came in. Excelled in his central midfield role. Love watching him play. 

  13. 54 minutes ago, peebles_Dee said:

    Rudden still has potential, he could still be an option next year. Next season I'd like Robinson to sign as he is still 21 and same ages as Mulligan, Lyall and Fin who are inconsistent as well. Robinson gets a hard time from fans but fans forget his age and that last season he was great and probaly as important as Lyall. He has the build and the attributes to have a great career and has plenty of potential and would be cheap. Donnelly, McCracken, Bakayoko, Costelloe and Boateng could potentially sign for next season. If some of the loans signed we will be sorted for next season and won't need much added.

    If only the 1st sentence was removed that would be spot on!

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