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  1. That’s a definite. Billy watched Bonnyton and mainly boys club stuff as his boy was growing up. He might have watched his brother play amateur years ago too and went to vics games when his boy was there for a season. maybe the odd other junior game but that’s it. You obviously don’t know him. he doesn’t even like junior teams, has digs at both Darvel and Whitletts.
  2. Haha, been to more than Billy
  3. If brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose....
  4. You change more times than mr Benn.
  5. More chance of going to Bonnyton than Darvel. Stay in senior football at that. probably no dough left at Darvel.
  6. Don’t believe everything people tell you. You probably still only eat carrots so you can see in the dark.
  7. Haha, you should know me by now. Im nearly as bad as DL.
  8. It’s good to have this thread because as soon as Darvel gets pumped I will be all over it....
  9. Thanks Billy. Any new signings or resigning at Bonnyton for this season so far?
  10. But TBH... what do you know? I hardly miss a game at Dam Park. Who do you actually follow Billy? I wouldn’t say it’s the Vics, I actually feel you’re a bit bitter towards them.
  11. Where is he now? He went to Troon but haven’t heard much since.
  12. He would be the quickest player at Bonnyton if he went there.
  13. Any new signings yet? I heard a rumour that Rab Paterson was signing, any truth in it? Also heard that a new keeper is also signing but didn’t get any names for that.
  14. To be fair to Neil and jamie, they had a few players that season that were aged to play in the 21s that were signed solely with the juniorsI think? Possibly 3 or 4 and also a few players just 2 or 3 years older.
  15. Sorry Billy, I stand corrected and you were right. I remember now. You are right, not many of that squad got a chance. The team from Calley were 19s and probably more of them were given the opportunity than the 21s. I think I saw Jordan Barr play once, maybe twice. Not many more got a chance. i hate it when you’re right.
  16. What squad was the original squad Billy? I might be wrong, I thought the original 21s were the Calley team that were brought in to take on that role as Whitletts 21s. Was there one prior to that?
  17. Ally was a good player with a big future in the game and he was part of that group/team of 21s that came through from Calley. 1st team injuries can be the opportunity a player needs.
  18. You sound like darvel legend with that quote... Did he only want to play with Mick?
  19. Also, the ultimate warrior with that splash.... what was that all about? not as if he was 500 pounds.
  20. The leg drop was the worst finisher ever.
  21. Profession gimmicks.. I hate it when someone has a job. Undertaker is my exception... we have had barbers, dentists, policemen, army sargents etc etc.
  22. The people’s elbow. How long does it actually take to hit it.
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