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  1. I have posted before about how in December we cobble together a dozen snaps from across the year into a calendar as a Xmas present for various relatives with pictures of His Lordship. Just now done, of this years final XII, here’s my favourite :
  2. My folks were told many years ago that the best security system you can get is a gravel driveway and a nervous dog. That’ll suitably deter any nefariants.
  3. …or maybe also too keen to ensure she didn’t do anything that might be adjudged to fall into line with WM policy?
  4. As my old granny used to say - ‘If ye can get past the smell son, ye’ve got it licked.’
  5. I work on my own so I have plenty time to talk to myself. I find it refreshing to debate the issues of the day with someone on a similar intellectual plane.
  6. The garage will be better placed but it seems to me just like ageing surface corrosion, their functioning/ safety doesn’t seem impaired.
  7. I’d maybe do (all four) tyres, everything else I imagine should limp on for at least another year before requiring attention. Second on the list would be the suspension arm(s).
  8. More than a decade ago (wow) I used to go a courting with a wpc who lived up the back of the dichty. There's a joke in there somewhere to be made by somebody cleverer than me about beaver something something roadkill.
  9. I know this is a thread for ghouls (me included) but that story very much reads like the boyfriend topped himself and she followed him a couple of weeks later, leaving seven kids between them. Who will forever be known as the kids whose mum and dad were pornstars and then killed themselves. The world is a tough enough place for kids at times but the parents really can stick them behind the 8-ball before they’ve even got started. “They f**k you up, your mum and dad,”
  10. Other than a fresh lick of paint I think he has.
  11. £5 NAP it’ll be closed and all business transferred to Aberdeen and Inverness within 5 years.
  12. Butland has undoubtedly been a find who has landed himself under a spotlight that has been missing from his career to date. But he’s north of 30, albeit with a low mileage. I think they’d struggle to turn down maybe £5/6m, to get £10m would be outrageous
  13. I think that was the thinly veiled joke that I was failing to make. Tinpot.
  14. Just a wee update on the Prestwick experience, car parked fine at the terminal, couple of pints in the departure lounge and a kinda meh all day breakfast, boarded fine and then the pilot slipped on the ice on the runway on his way to the plane. Waiting on a new guy getting stripped and coming on from the subs bench.
  15. A decent pinT in the abandoned military airbase they know locally as Prestwick Airport. Flying is so much more relaxing when you’ve got the place to yourself!
  16. Fkall on the telly the night, end up on bbc Scotland looking at shite from 2000 (quite good actually ), but who’s this twat with Hazel and Chic?
  17. b*****d. John Byrne was on the telly with Billy Connolly a couple of years ago and he looked as rough as f**k then. Straight in the next year’s team, he then hung about doing nothing of note, I heard nowt, dropped him from this year’s team and now he comes good? Jeezy peeps. Tough game this.
  18. Therein lies the rub I fear. There was no doubt the Board financially backed Beale with some transfer fees that now look bewildering and probably the wages to match. I can't see anyone paying either a transfer fee or even matching the kind of wages these guys are on so I suspect Clement just has to piss with the cock he was given for the time being. There is no way we'll be buying any European 'starlets' again any time soon. I actually think they could do worse than sweep round the diddies in January and pick off their plum players like we used to do*. I suspect it won't help much in Europe but should yield some composure/improvement in domestic performances.
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