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  1. Sorry, I’m in Ibiza this week and may not be fully tuned in to which particular Sevco weakness is being exploited in my absence. About your business chaps.
  2. Was it not Gwyneth Paltrow that advocated a steam clean every once in a while?
  3. ^^^ voice of experience. Do you have enough toys to put them all in a wash once a month or just the odd one that you occasionally throw in with the cereal bowls? Asking for a friend.
  4. It’s ok. The fags will get her before I need to break out the magic shovel.
  5. Mrs a-p Snr has one. The quality of the produce is light years ahead of anything you can buy in the shops but it is one serious commitment - she’s down there whenever the weather permits. A win-win though, it keeps her fit and active and also off the gin (I think).
  6. I park on the periphery and walk. No medal is required. You’re clearly in one of your pissy moods. I’ll bid you good day.
  7. Is me earning a wage and paying taxes ‘pointless car use’?
  8. I drive a car too polluting for the Glasgow LEZ. I therefore do not drive it within those boundaries where the air quality is, irrespective of the LEZ status, already deemed satisfactory: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/23549119.glasgow-air-quality-meets-targets-lez-scrapped/ I drive it across predominantly rural areas where it makes fuckall difference to the levels of air pollution. Who should be the ultimate arbiter of whether I get to use my car?
  9. If a restaurant can afford to pay rent, operate, source raw product, prepare it, cook it, package it and pay someone to serve it to you all for £2.99?
  10. Late to the party. KFC have a significant number of halal restaurants. I make a conscious effort to avoid them all. Just in case.
  11. That alone would be worth the risk ya doddery auld bugger.
  12. Aye and then there’ll be two cars coming together who need the passing place to actually pass while they’re out taking their snaps. I think we just conclude on campervans = c***s.
  13. Yeah, my concern has been that in my industry the money is fairly insecure. I've had years where I've been a long way into six-figures and my worst, in 2014, the Referendum, I only made £16k. Having money locked away in a SIPP while struggling to pay the bills would be my worst nightmare so I've always tried to carry a fair cash balance. I've got a pal in that exact position. A huge pension fund accrued from working self employed offshore but he has been through a period of unwellness that now means he's really scratching around for money until, or even if, he makes it to 55.
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