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  1. Watched MR pre match interview. Learned nothing
  2. Excited/scared about this one. Be interesting what our line up is . Big worry is our poor midfield. Cove have a few seasoned pros in midfield which could be our weakest link. Forget midfield and just punt it up to the strikers is the best plan!
  3. Don't come over for this game it will be slightly nippy. Stick something on the barbecue Bruce
  4. What happened on Tuesday is a lot to do with Rennie and Miller They identified that the problem was Alloa pressing high up the park. They without making subs changed it and Alloa were forced onto the back foot which paid dividends. That's what a good coaching team does
  5. BTW Who are we playing in the bounce game tomorrow. I suspect Livi?
  6. I will say again supporters THIS IS OUR CHANCE. We either make this club a fan driven club or there is no use complaining. The signings in a January tight window have exceeded my expectations and I know I am not alone. Okay I expect poor results now and again but our new leadership have at least given us hope for the future. Shadwell said we need a proven striker and he was correct but not in anyones wildest dreams did they think we could tempt Leigh Griffiths! Hope it works. If not we refocus and attack next season
  7. Me too well said. Watching the decline has been very painful for a lot of us. People with hidden agendas and the blazer and tie ego have almost killed us. As a fan for about 60 years I remember sadly our last demise and going part in the 70's. Horrible times with 1000 fans inside a soulless Brockville. But this version is much worse. Watching a slow negative decline when the average fan could do nought if they did not have a large wedge to waste. Now we for the first time I as a working man in his 60's have a chance to have a say. The vote regarding DGW was a great example. Okay it probably did nothing but at least I was asked. I don't care if our resurrection takes longer than a few months if we as fans are having a part in it. I would be very pleased if the 1000 fans who said they would invest during the BtB effort actually put their hands in their pockets and backed the FSS. I am totally aware that the current economic situation makes it a lot harder for some but we need to be united and driven by this opportunity. We could finally put to bed the constant blaming of the faceless few for OUR demise and finally take a part in a wee man revolution whilst remembering that a democracy often means that your opinion is not in the majority. PS Get Rennie and Miller signed longer as a bit of me thinks they are the best way forward.
  8. Agree. Dowds and Griffiths up top with Kabia using his speed to run channels and provide crosses
  9. Agree. Dowds and Griffiths up top with Kabia using his speed to run channels and provide crosses
  10. it's the Jamie Wilson resurrection show Well done Gary Holt. Sneaking in a good right back disguised as a striker. Sneaky
  11. Well done son. we all make mistakes and it takes a good man to admit it.
  12. I can honestly say that this is the best I have felt about my team in a long time. Okay we put 6 past Dumbarton but we nearly fluffed it when they scored two when we were 4 up. It kind of gave the feeling of good but that defence. Tonight we kept a clean sheet and I thought that apart from a ropey bit before half time they played well as a unit. Big test is the Cove game. If they beat QP and we then beat Cove we are looking good. It's the hope that kills you as a Falkirk fan
  13. I think fitness + a motivator in the dressing room helped. We went for it early first half but we were unlucky. Alloa then got into the game. A wee boot up th erse at half time I bet. It worked. Much happier with the defence. They appear to be developing a bit of understanding of each other. Small shoots but still growth
  14. Perhaps not from the start due to him not training with us ( unless he has) but certainly at some point
  15. I think Sheerinball did not suit Hetherington so it will be interesting to see if he improves under the new manager
  16. Kabia has been played as a winger a lot of his career. Wonder if it is the plan to play him there? Could provide the needed service for Dowds and Griffiths?
  17. But will Leigh be able to keep Wilson out the team?
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