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  1. As in the people in that house have made it out alive? If so that's a miracle.
  2. Shane finally gets me off the mark, shows how much changes in a year this time last year I thought Iran might have a bit of an uprising after the drama around the headscarves sadly for my points total it didn't happen.
  3. Academy have been using it at least partially seen a few of their tweets about it like this.
  4. Problem with any construction at this time of the year is that it's so weather dependent. Main thing for me was that it will be all done snag free by pre season.
  5. Finally have confirmation that the Rosyth project is underway, been diggers there since that start of the month and a real culmination of a lot of hard work to get it to the stage when the professionals can take over and do the easy bit and build a pitch.
  6. Would have to be someone out of contract with UK or Irish citizenship. Wonder if McPake knows Steven Caulker well from his time at Dundee? There are a few English boys without a club who are probably more realistic but what sort of condition would they be in if we bring someone in they would be playing right away.
  7. Try keep calm when you see what the Dutch have published about are royals.
  8. Saw Alan Maybury at the game tonight so presumably he is in the running?
  9. Kane and Todd's early injures were a result of a training collision if memory serves. Mehmet had his ankle tear after being hit with a ball. Tod and Summers are a bit of a strange ones that have rumbled on.
  10. Yes. Kane stood on the ball, fell and landed on his shoulder. Fisher got accidentally stood on. Bloody grass pitches!! Thankfully can't see Saturday's game being on so should have time to get some recovery done.
  11. Played some good stuff tonight, of course we add more players to the injury list. Kane looked in a bad way hopefully popped back in and plenty physio and he shouldn't be out too long. Just hope there isn't any more damage than a simple dislocation.
  12. Not paying attention Dave, Sweden has locked down to stop the African Swine Fever taking hold.
  13. You spend far too long on the heil online than can be good for your mental health.
  14. Not a great baker but it was freezing yesterday and I had eggs to use up. Creme patt tasted really good but was a bit too thin to use as a topping. Shortbread was the best I have made, by total fluke.
  15. Do you mean the hob or the oven? Gas ovens are shit always go fan electric. The best hob is induction but can be pricey to buy plus a load of new magnetic pans. I was sceptical of electric but since moving house have got used to them.
  16. The "leader of the free world" begs to differ.
  17. Provide warning when linking to the Daily Heil please
  18. Nice to see right wing people in Ireland are as on the ball as the ones here. Nothing says protecting public safety like turning your capital city into a lawless hell hole.
  19. This happened to me, turned out the remote could also be used for something else, if there is a button on the remote labelled TV press that and it works.
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