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  1. Good battle between the two last time they met, with a few talking points. Correct though as you said, form goes out the window!
  2. Thanks for confirming that you are in fact at the wind up hahaha!!!
  3. Top of the table clash tomorrow. What's the thoughts on how this one will pan out?
  4. Talbot for a comfortable win today.
  5. Wow, some of the comments on this thread are a joke....
  6. Benburb v Glenafton Clydebank v Rossvale Cumnock v Kilbirnie Irvine Meadow v Kilwinning Pollok v Troon Rutherglen v Largs Hurlford v Rob Roy Thoughts on this weekend's fixtures?
  7. Draw Medda Hurlford Talbot Draw Largs Pollok Draw
  8. I've noticed Pro Turf Care are doing a lot of the work on junior parks for the WOS. Anyone have an idea of the cost for their services per park?
  9. Any pics of the new completed holm park? Also, has there been any work on the changing facilities?
  10. Was that Albion Rovers first team you played last night or reserves/21's etc?
  11. Massive statement....I'd be cautious with your words DL
  12. 100%. When I've seen Stephen being 'arrogant' he's only ever gave as good as he's got from the players, and rightfully so. The likes of Cullum Scott tries and talk to players as if they are his kids, pointing fingers in their faces etc - quickly loosing control of the game in spells... I don't want to just make this about Callum, he's one of a few.
  13. A bit arrogant and cheeky at times yes, but overall a decent referee when I've seen him. Is he any more arrogant than the likes of Callum Scott - most likely he isn't. Could the SJFA have spoke with Stephen and give him a chance to sort it? Or did they try this already I don't know... Overall - IMO the Juniors are worse off in terms of officials for this.
  14. New thread for the West Region Premiership. The last one was becoming a bit of a shambles with some of the usual suspects. Teams that will be taking part this season (in alphabetical order) Auchinleck Talbot Beith Benburb Clydebank Cumnock Glenafton Hurlford Irvine Meadow Kilbirnie Ladeside Kilwinning Rangers Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Largs Pollok Rossvale Rutherglen Troon
  15. They are strong in every area - at this moment I don't know who from any other team in the surrounding league/leagues is going to come in and take a jersey. Also, a big question would be are more singings necessary or would it just unsettle a great balance that exists? However, as you said, Tucker seems be good at finding gems.
  16. A club going about their business the right way - good luck to them, hope they do it.
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