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  1. After seeing all the teams so far, to me, there is not a team that seems so far adrift performance wise, Morton are bottom just now and need to dig in over the next 5 games, I cannot see any side being out of it, Teams that cannot score goals eventually find themselves near the bottom, it's a helluva tough league, where every point is a battle unlike League 1 when you can scud teams with relative ease ,it's like night and day..
  2. I know Scottish football is normally all over this kind of stuff, I wonder why he got let off lightly...... Not to mention telling mistruths in the Quitongo tribunal, a great ambassador for the PFA.....
  3. Having suffered in the main stand previously it really is a struggle for anybody over 5 8 , legroom is non existent, so cowshed for me, Good view, good atmosphere and from that viewpoint I get the slight similarities to Old Broomie, decent enough day out, looking at what Morton have, how did we end up where we did in League 1 for so long, only the second time I have been behind enemy lines the other at Dumbarton on the COVID season when away supporters weren't allowed..
  4. As I posted earlier was behind enemy lines in the cow shed watching the game with the local natives, First Half Airdrie in spells were very good although Morton did seem to surrender the midfield , not our fault and our one touch passing and movement was top drawer, one criticism was we don't create enough from good positions.. Second Half Morton played 20 yards further forward from the off and went on the front foot , playing in between our lines, stopping crosses is always.an issue with airdrie and today we.struggled as that was there biggest weapon with the 2 burly Morton strikers head and shoulders above McCabe and Fordyce we rode our luck as every team does and we were dangerous on the counter although O connor at times looked dangerous in space with his pace, but the rest of his game needs major work, watching him he seems to not want to do the hard yards, until he does the basics well he will struggle.... Good game today, Cappielow has really not changed much over the years since I was first there in the 80s, it is probably the closest park you will get to old Broomfield that is left in the game these days....
  5. Pretty tight park, probably doesn't suit the 5, park looks decent though, Behind enemy lines today in the coo shed,, my knees are bad enough without enduring 90 mins in that stand, about 175 Airdrie in the stand just now,
  6. Would think he will change to a 4, although he could bring in Cassidy at CH like he did at Stirling.. Up front. Do we change it about and get Gabby involved , we have options, although no partnership up top has really clicked this season. Should be a decent game, with the semis not booked in until February, it would give either side something to look forward to..
  7. He struggled to get game time at Stranraer and dropped 2 leagues to Darvel..
  8. McCall on paper looks a good appointment, who comes in with him Neil Scally, McCall recently took a watching role at training with Thistle, something I don't think he can do with Clyde.... What's the odds on a relegation play off final with EK. Must be pretty short at this stage .. The pile in on Mick Kennedy has taken on epic proportions, buying the league's etc, look at East Kilbride players and tell me 2 players that shouldn't be playing that level they are currently playing their trade, I will give you Liam Brown the rest have found their level either on the way down from league 2 or on the way up from the juniors..
  9. Airdrie still technically run the hybrid, we only have one Part timer and that is Calum Gallagher, we still train as a hybrid Monday , Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, and Friday, therein lies the biggest problem it is getting experienced Full time players to buy into the changes in training etc, might not sound much but if you have experienced players and lifestyle of training 2 hours a morning 4 days a week, many don't want to change, remember we offered and agreed terms with Grant Gillespie 4 seasons back and never signed due to the hybrid training..( that was the reason given at the time(.. Where do Morton train, Parklea
  10. Scott Stewart was very poor today alright in a left wing back type role, how is he with you guys, remember a couple of seasons back he was very good , on a more forward role... Looked a shadow of himself today
  11. It's 8 o'clock and there are still fans outside waiting on Graham for a square go, apparently Graham has left the building.. Typical Thistle legging it ..
  12. As posters have already stated Alloa is a fine football club and normally take the steady approach, for me it has a Mark Kerr vibe to it and to be honest I think he is a decent coach ..
  13. I will take a wild guess and say it is the home ground of Bonnyrigg Rose
  14. can anybody confirm if the semi final draw was made as well as the quarters for the trust trophy, I heard it was and the winners of us and Morton are away to Falkirk or DU. Cannot see confirmation though...
  15. Interestingly we are in the cowshed, for this game, I don't expect any pie stall or running water that would be too much at Cappielow.. have we ever been in the cowshed before going back to the 80s and I cannot remember it..
  16. I will play devil's advocate.here, you need to win Football matches and improve the quality of player in January, I think we all agree on that, Who has the more impressive win record in modern football and is more current about the abilities and availability of lower league talented footballers..... That man would probably be Ian McCall......never mind Kennedy... Do you not think your club needs a shot in the arm, and try something different, This strong and stable approach has seen your club suffer death by a thousand cuts...
  17. Give an opinion, that's the the runners and riders who would you appoint,
  18. Ok that's fine, if you find that important as a part time football manager, I think it is more important that they win football matches.. Who would you appoint as YOUR CLUB manager , apparently the list includes McCall, McIntyre, McInally, Fowler do any of them wet your knickers....
  19. A. Deluded, possibly but in all honesty I don't have a dug in the fight, am I an old traditionalist that is anti pyramid and always support our member clubs over the wannabes when they are on a one way ticket to oblivion, then hell yeah.. B. Never been in a rooster chicken place in my puff, but if Mick is reading this and me singing his praises, DM me son wouldn't mind trying it..
  20. So would you appoint James Fowler , who has won...
  21. A an ambitious manager with did well with Darvel dragging them up to the top of the league in a very competitive environment with Auchinleck, Pollok etc splashing the cash as well, taking over at East Kilbride in the lowland League and basically pishing the league that Clyde are in severe danger of dropping into, natural progression for Kennedy to go into League 2, no reason to think he will struggle as long as he can bring in his own players, not really sure what James Fowler brings to the party... What do you think..
  22. That's the risk you take, January window will be busy I would imagine, whoever gets the gig,,, Its a bit of Russian roulette, the stakes are high, survival or oblivion.. your move
  23. Good chance Kennedy et all would keep you in the league, can Fowler....
  24. Good point which we.needed, if we were on decent form probably would be disappointed with only one point though, Raith are a pleasing team on the eye, always a good day out and.not long finished the fish tea in burntisland tbh.. How do you guys think Dylan Easton is doing on the championship, he had god like status the season we had him in League 1, seen him a few times and probably like Frizzell in our side , he seems to lack a yard, The step up to.the championship is much bigger than most realise.
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