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  1. @throbber He’s having a beer watching the tv then topping himself up with wine in the kitchen while getting another beer. That’s vodka in your coffee type behaviour imo
  2. Fair. Apologies Magee, I got the wrong impression and came to the wrong conclusion. Sorry!
  3. If that’s the case, then I’m happy to take back what I said. I haven’t seen them before, or seen them referred to. Just smacked of someone jumping on a bandwagon needlessly. Like I say though, if I’m proved wrong fair enough and I’ll apologise to Magee for my incorrect conclusion.
  4. Diego is teckle. This thread makes me miss my wee roasters.
  5. A common theme with sofas, beds etc. It’s important to get comfortable ones though. Will be a while before wee throbber is crawling about by themselves, get plenty use out of them before then.
  6. They looks like the fancy subs seats you see at Nou Camp and the like...wouldn’t knock it for free though!
  7. Ah, Mr Mile...you’ve spoiled the point I was going to make. I’ve asked, to no reply, if these messages have been shared before - I don’t think they have? So now, a year or something on from them, Magee (who I’ve no issue with) decides to share them. If it’s not just to join in and ‘be one of the bois’, then why? I’m in no way white knighting 8mile. I have no dog in this fight. Just frustrated this whole carry on has distracted from the real issue, of course, Rodger’s Jimmy Neutron head.
  8. ‘Magee: The Clown’s Clown’ in that case? I’m still waiting to hear if these have been shared before now...
  9. They just banned happiness in Scotland, time of day is irrelevant. I’ve not had any alcohol since Saturday 14th. Don’t think I’ll be drinking this weekend either. Pretty often though I do like to just unwind and get hammered. Usually it’ll be a Friday, pub after work then up to my mates. If it wasn’t for football training I would probably have gone up the pub and had a few pints watching the football tonight.
  10. I was trying to work this out as well. Best I’ve come up with is that he means CD?
  11. Holy shit, it’s spreading! We had a Spider-Man standing beside a roundabout (all day) the week there was an offer on (any pizza, any size £7.99 iirc).
  12. The Futureheads version of Hounds of Love is better than the original imo
  13. You said one was faster than the other. I assume one is, not sure who I’d have my money on though. I’ll also take Billy Brown and Jim Duffy in “guess the manager” sweepstake. I’ve no idea if either even have brothers.
  14. Sounds similar to what it was like when I was underage. Quite a few of us had older brothers and sisters willing to get it, but we all knew the shops that weren’t worried about serving us. A fake ID helped. Some would believe it, some genuinely couldn’t care just wanted to tick the box. The underage testers aren’t allowed to break the law so just ask how old the kid is and it’s job done.
  15. Sorry Grazza, not sure I have much advice to give. Sounds quite a stressful time with MIL not being too well and quite a few job changes. Hopefully the new digs is the start of things settling down, can either stick at the job or find one you want to stick at. Once things settle down at that end, I’d be looking at seeing if the social side improves - if you want it to. If you and your fiancé are happy just going out together then I don’t see the issue. I don’t know her thoughts on this though, maybe socialising with family and friends are more important to her and you’d need to understand that. Sorry I’m not much help!
  16. Done. Not enough “f**k the old firm” options for me
  17. I was sure there was a football podcasts thread but can’t find it...anyway; There’s a new fitba hacks podcast with Tom English which is very good and the latest Quickly Kevin with James Acaster is really funny (they review/critique the John Sitton documentary)
  18. Rodger has gotten away with this. That fuckin heid! Yet the last few pages barely even touch on it. An initial shock but then back to other matters.
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