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  1. Stealing knickers or 'trophies' is serial killer behaviour imo.
  2. This makes it sound like Brand was on the receiving end...
  3. The new Army recruitment ads will have to swap out the jungle and generic Middle East village scenes for a group of are brave lads taking out XL Bullies in a Tottenham housing estate.
  4. That's just the XL Bully's migration pattern. After the summer hunting season in warmer climes, they flock north to mate.
  5. A minter of a Wallabies side. Embarrassing.
  6. Feels like the Met can't go a fortnight without some sort of nonsense. A Normal Island Institution.
  7. This utter rabble shouldn't be anywhere near are precious #Barclays
  8. Ciganda 4/4 and holes the winning putt in her own backyard. Great stuff. Yanks in the fucking mud.
  9. Oaft. Korda with an awful stab from 5ft.
  10. I mean, anyone to the left of Reagan will be a commie to some of these people. He's probably more of a left libertarian than a communist.
  11. Lol. The irony of posting this in this particular thread.
  12. Brand is on the left. Not that it has anything to do with the allegations or guilt.
  13. Shows you the domination of Asian and Asian American female golfers.
  14. You have to wear them with the Peterson Batman villain suit though.
  15. Big Angemania will hit new heights with a Derby win tomorrow. I'd love to hear Keysey's take on the Aussie Ace.
  16. Scared of fucking up my algorithm but I really want to watch the shoe one.
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