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  1. I've no idea. Maybe they looked at it and decided it hit the shoulder/above the t shirt line and there was no need to call the ref to the monitor. VAR is shite and as we've seen countless times, some incidents are given forensic scrutiny, with similar incidents barely given a 2nd look.
  2. It looked like it hit his back/shoulder for me.
  3. It's the 4th officials I feel sorry for when it comes to Klopp. Everything is going fine, you're holding up your wee board with the numbers on it, until some German madman starts screaming in your face with his acid breath over someone else's decision.
  4. It's where my money would go. We're drawing far too many games atm. I've not seen much of Livingston this season tbh, but by all accounts they've been poor.
  5. Shite news. Been to a few City games over the past couple of years. Hopefully they can get through this.
  6. A draw. An atrocious game on an atrocious pitch in atrocious weather is the sensible prediction.
  7. Home win. Robson to keep his job a while longer and Hearts getting beat is a win/win imvho.
  8. No chance we're getting 7 figures for Melkerson. Any profit on what we forked out for him is decent though, but as mentioned above, would be interesting to see what Montgomery and a sustained run of games could do for him.
  9. Would refer myself personally to the heads gone thread if Boab joined LIV.
  10. This is the thing, I don't think Rahm will dramatically increase viewing figures for LIV. Both the PGA and LIV seem to be under the impression that there's some mythical x million extra punters willing to watch 3 or 4 days of golf on TV. The PGA relying on their brand and heritage and LIV with their goofball shotgun starts and back of a fag packet team event.
  11. Yeah, it needs to be cleared by the US government by the end of this month. Perhaps an indication that it's not going to be. I wonder if this and Rahm moving will trigger more players leaving. The likes of Xander, Cantley and Cam Young in particular have always been heavily linked with LIV.
  12. Ange's honeymoon over now. Spursy 4 lyfe.
  13. We all enjoy a shithouser, but Pickford really is a wee c**t. There's nothing I would enjoy more than seeing him sell the jerseys in Germany next summer.
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