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  1. She could have been the 2nd coming of Marilyn Monroe (insert Kenneth gif), it doesn't matter. The performative nastiness and cruelty was the point.
  2. "Tom Lehman calls himself a man of God. That was not the behaviour of a man of God, that was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen on a golf course"
  3. The British Social Attitudes Surveys showed that Scottish and English opinions on immigration are pretty similar tbh. https://www.whatscotlandthinks.org/analysis/do-scotland-and-england-wales-have-different-views-about-immigration/
  4. The guy who holes the winning putt is always going to get the glory. Poulter's performance that year was unreal though, those 5 birdies in a row on the Saturday night was one of the greatest matchplay performances ever. He may be a dick, but an all time Ryder Cup player.
  5. They need to change it to include vapes now too.
  6. If they don't get the money, they should just collect as many stoats as they can and release them in Holyrood.
  7. Well, that's disappointing. Fortnightly public beast exposures is definitely something we should consider going forward.
  8. Will it be a big enough name to force a change in the thread title ?
  9. Let's just call him David A, no that's too obvious, how about Aa dttenborough
  10. He looks 90% dead anyway. Certainly worth a VAR check.
  11. What is the charge ? Eating a meal, 200 succulent Chinese meals.
  12. Dennis the Menace floated as one of the Great British exports ? We used to be a proper country ffs.
  13. Apparently he's still alive. Weekend at Bernie's vibes though.
  14. They probably do good content for the Compo Faces thread.
  15. This has it all. Absentee landlordism, foreign capital, local authorities, suspicious fire, oddball residents groups, conspiracy theories.
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