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  1. I'm not objecting to anything. Merely pointing out that the people taking swipes are doing so out of bitterness and jealously as there has been zero recent sign of what they are spouting
  2. Some of you all sound like absolute greeting faced weapons with the jealousy absolutely ripping out of yous. Yous can comment all you like about big time Charlie's and arrogance but this thread was like any other teams thread for the first bunch of games of the season when Darvel had maximum points , no gloating or bumming up. It only decended into this drivel when they NARROWLY lost to a top team. Sounds more like bitterness than trying to bring them down a peg or two. Embarrassing
  3. Well said. The guys a walloper. Probably been rejected by Pearson in the past.
  4. Hearing the game thos Saturday is in doubt. Both teams struggling for a team. Surely not, they had about 19 players each for the game in belfield.
  5. Dirrans 11-1 Darvel Stewarton 2-5 Shortlees
  6. Is it right enough that Hurlford Thistle have officially folded ? Heard it was announced last night but haven't seen anything
  7. It seems that Ardeer have made a very positive appointment. Getting a ready made club within a club. What is the fans feelings tho. Is there a chance Ardeer die and the team changes their name to Kilbride. Is that allowed at this grade. Or does Kilbride thistle re apply in a couple years and if accepted the full " club" move back and leave Ardeer in a worse position. Short term masterstroke, long term it must be a worry.
  8. Good to hear, is Alan still managing down there.
  9. Bonnyton look to have had some good results so far
  10. Maybe the coaches coach and the manager manages?
  11. At a time they are trying to control and limit our movements i really can't see a pyramid system being introduced to the amateurs. Travel wouks also financially cripple most teams
  12. Too many big words for me and for that reason I'm out.
  13. Dev have a day off mate. There are also protocols for shops, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and seeing friends and family. It doesn't mean that they were adhered to nor does it mean that during the worst stage of the worst pandemic In living memory we should be allowing recreational football to be played when people are either dying or losing there business due to being closed down. I love amatuer football and its been a part of my life for over 40 years but its nowhere near important enough to be going on at this minute in time. I understand peoples mental health is important but there are other ways to exercise amd socialise rather than kicking a ball in groups of 22- 50 people
  14. For the life of me I cannot understand why people in the amateur game or the west of Scotland league have an issue with football being stopped. Amateur football has not been treated harshly by not being allowed to play, imo the WOSFL was being treated to slack by being allowed to play.
  15. I don't think there is a chance of that. If anything I think they may try to reduce the traveling for the foreseeable rather than make ayrshire teams travel to Glasgow regularly ( for an example )
  16. I mention this everytime i post on this forum but I am new to the Juniors/WOSFL and I fully understand that this years title race may not be as strong as previous but one thing iv noticed is that its never mention on the Buffs, Clydebank, Troon or Meadow threads, that a title success would mean nothing, only in respect to Darvel. Sounds like bitterness to me. Also side note, as it belongs on a different forum but Celtic have won more trophies in the 4 years since Rangers have been in the same division than the 4 years that they weren't in the same division so I'm not fully sure they added any more of a challenge between 2016 -2020.
  17. Sorry in advance as I'm sure that this information is available somewhere but has Talbot commented of wether they will ( or are they even allowed to ) compete in last seasons Scottish Cup of its gets completed
  18. Where i dont agree they should be open atleast it is for education purposes. Not coz they make £15 expenses a week
  19. Millions of peoples Xmas ruined coz they are being forced off their work, while 48 guys go down the local park ( or travel across the country ) for a game of football coz they are "professional" Madness.....all while only 20 mourners are allowed to bury their loved ones.
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