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  1. I think Dodds is a gonner if they are still bottom on Monday. we on the other hand won’t be sacking bullen yet
  2. I know he’s had no contract since June but has he been training with Brentford since he did them a favour?
  3. If pendlebury is away then surely someone like Connor Smith in his place? Can support in attack and chip in with a few goals from midfield
  4. Just planting the seed with Matt uggla the owner of York assuring him that Bullen is a terrific manager
  5. Tad of an understatement! He lost all goodwill with me after Christmas last season. The way he set the team up and style of play have been rancid for months unless we are able to bully the opposition
  6. I will fucking drive bullen anywhere in the country for free if it gets him out our club. He should have walked after the playoffs
  7. I’m not asking you to follow blindly just give the lad a chance. He was thrown in at the deep end in a game we were struggling to control to begin with. You were saying it’s what “we do” and that’s what I’m calling out. Your views are often out there, i and many others disagree with your views on the game and your analysis. Some of your views are way out there in my opinion I’m not telling you to stop voicing them as that defeats the point of a forum but don’t jump down folks throats for them disagreeing with you
  8. No it’s what you do and you prove yourself to be a wrong un on multiple occasions
  9. We are not signing another right back ahui will be better than the performance against Morton
  10. Question did Sam ever score against anyone that wasn’t Hamilton?
  11. I wasn’t accusing you just couldn’t remember who said it and can’t be bothered scrolling through pages to try find it
  12. Think two posters have confirmed it. The anon guy and djaffo I think
  13. I like Sam but he couldn’t score in a brothel. Does a power of work though and always put in a shift. If only he had an eye for goal he wouldn’t be playing at our level
  14. Right lads so when are we expecting this central midfield destroyer to come in?
  15. Priority for me is getting a hard man cm in think were pretty sorted for attacking players unless someone leaves
  16. Wonder if Arsenal or Aston Villa have a young midfielder that would add something to our team? Surely they would have been happy with the development of Kirk and we had a relationship with villa because sinisalo and young
  17. Nah not really, he was bashing Adeloye for no reason on a few occasions and once when he wasn’t even playing. It was well documented at the time
  18. In terms of Callum he’s a closet racist who has ingrained himself into the fibres of the club and should be punted into the sea asap
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