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  1. It’s not really more info it’s just vor has added his interpretation of the statement at the start
  2. It’s like that scene in trainspotting where the mum is smacked out her nut
  3. I can’t even find him on twitter eta just found him after realising it’s Olly
  4. It should carry. It was violent conduct. ETA- he was registered during the league cup so served it then
  5. Would have preferred him off the bench when the defence is tiring
  6. Surprised we are actually starting both mckenzie and bryden up top. Did ok in the league cup but bryden in particular isn’t ready to start in the championship.
  7. Not surprised to see Hewitt go tbh best of luck to him. Like most I thought he had promise before he got his injury but that the way it goes sometimes you need to drop a level to actually gets where you want to go. Won’t be surprised to see him at this level in a few years
  8. It wasn’t it was certain morons in our support that were going nuts because the toderov deal fell through it was mainly Ayr fans
  9. Just see how he gets on in the first couple of games before we decide that, I would agree that he’s looked ok so far
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