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  1. Group A could be a mare as it finishes first. So the fans of the third placed team will be having to sit through the conclusions of five other groups to see if they've made it through.
  2. #Yeardle #621 https://histordle.com/yeardle/ Stinker. Yeardle seems to be updating much later at the moment...
  3. If we only have the €195 tickets available then I'm out. Will happily go to the last 2 games.
  4. So unsurprisingly most UK news outlets are revelling in how Team GB are back in with a chance of qualifying for the Olympics. Hopefully the Dutch hammer Belgium (actually 1-0 will probably do) and put this nonsense back in its box.
  5. Well they did get their winner and will now be looking to rack up a score against us. With our own players able to make the Olympics if it happens
  6. If we can get a winner here we'll have the chance to relegate England on Tuesday (if they don't score another v Netherlands).
  7. Wordle 895 2/6 Holed from distance
  8. "Aris look happy to settle for the point" according to Sportsound. If they don't win they're oot
  9. If so, unlike last night, the ref regained the plot. As difficult as it was to filter out Jonny Pearce orgasming, I echo the comments about Bellingham, reminiscent of Zidane at times, that lad is going to be a Ballon d'Or contender consistently.
  10. I'm glad we're getting back to the days when being a reasonable English top flight player didn't guarantee you a game for Scotland. There used to be dozens of such men.
  11. Aye clearly the judges, particularly Paul, thought Matty's showstopper tasted best by a distance, but there was still an element of me thinking they are just doing that to add a bit more suspense to a formality. So, as you say, fair fucks to him indeed!
  12. Watched this last night on Sky Documentaries (available on catch up for a month). Interesting account of the Stasi's influence on East German football. After watching it I read up a bit more on Erich Mielke, he sounded a right bad b*****d.
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