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  1. 5 hours ago, Yflab said:

    I’m not upset. It’s fcuking hilarious when Dundee fans suggest there are financially sound. You’d think you’d have learned from two previous administrations. 

    It’s about time Financial Fair Play regulations were deployed within Scottish Football to stop such blatant financial cheating. 😂 

    Your laughing emoji isn’t fooling anyone.

    Fucking rattled.

  2. Just now, Yflab said:

    Well you could follow some of our simple ideas.

    Set a budget and stick to it.

    Create a Youth academy and promote from within.

    Launch a fans group and buy your club.


    I don’t set the budgets.

    I don’t have a say on what happens with the youth setup.

    I have a job of my own and amen’t really interested in buying a football club. I’m a fan ffs.

    If you’re really that upset about it all maybe try and get in contact with John Nelms.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Yflab said:

    Your last few sets of accounts would suggest you spend way more than you earn. 

    You should try and learn from better run clubs like St Johnstone and St Mirren. Teams that actually win major honours whilst living within their means.


    Year end May 20 loss of £800,000

    Year end May 19 loss of £1,800,000

    Year end May 18 loss of £425,000

    Year end May 17 loss of £350,000

    Time is ticking on another administration. That will be a hat trick won’t it?


    Always find it really funny when fans of other clubs try and have a go at Dundee fans about this stuff. What do you want us to do about it? 

  4. I’ve genuinely no idea what our best team is. Not sure who the best 2 out of Sweeney/Ashcroft/Fontaine is. Not sure who’s better out of Kerr and Elliott. Not sure who should be left out of the midfield between Byrne/Adam/Anderson/McGhee and I’m not so sure who’s better out of Griffiths and Cummings.

    I think I’d probably go:





    Then again I’d be tempted to try and fit McGhee back in at the back (perhaps right back?) and bring Anderson into the midfield. Whatever happens that defence won’t keep clean sheets.

  5. 38 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    I think Marshall has been one of our best players this season.

    He played well against Rangers, was probably our best player that day. Aside from that he's been nothing short of abysmal and has been at more fault for goals through individual errors than Cammy Kerr. I'm not getting involved in the debate of who's better but neither are good enough for this league.

    Being at fault for all 3 goals on Saturday seems to be getting underplayed on here - that's absolutely shocking. Beaten down the line each time and there were other instances in the game where it didn't result in a goal. 

    I'd go as far to say as Marshall's performance on Saturday was by quite a distance the worst individual performance from a Dundee player all season. 

  6. 16 hours ago, Meadow_Jock said:

    Lord, Mcpake looked absolutely broken in his Sportscene interview.

    I do feel a bit sorry for him, as by all accounts he's a good guy, but for me he's got until the end of the opening round of fixtures, i.e. three games culminating in Ross County at home. By the end of that round we need to:

    1) be above Ross fucking County

    2) be there because of an actual win, none of this "by default" shite. 

    I've backed McPake up until now and previously said he should be given the season but I agree with this. If we are still bottom of the league after the County game then that's the time to pull the trigger. He still has a chance to save his job.

  7. 4 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Done it a few times tbh.

    Never really noticed it before but Dundee dont really have any big lumps in midfield or attack do they? Sheridan is tall but soft defensively. Cummings and Griffiths wont graft defensively to any great degree. Then you've got McGowan/Byrne/Anderson who seem to all love a tackle but aren't going to shove folk off the ball, McGowan getting outmuscled on a few occasions by Wotherspoon was telling. Both your wing backs are small, scrawny, and slow. 

    Its a really weird squad McPake has built.

    Both McGhee and Byrne put themselves about in the middle and to be honest that’s not been an issue this season. The main problem yesterday was changing to a back 5. Granted we haven’t picked up many points this season  but we have been playing some decent stuff in a 4-3-3 and we’ve competed in every game. I thought we probably edged the game against St Johnstone in the cup for the first hour until you got your goal so it’s even more baffling that he changed it. Yesterday was identical to the shite we were seeing under McIntyre.

    Marshall seems to get a lot of praise but I’m not a fan of him. All 3 goals yesterday were a carbon copy of him being beaten far too easily down the line. He’s not bad going  forward but even then he doesn’t give enough.

    Kerr was totally bombed by McIntyre which was telling given how shite that squad was.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Vernon gilmore said:

    Why pick on Cammy kerr again and again who has actually been fine this season so far , the goals came from a very poor Marshall yesterday, and yes Marshall has probably been our best player last month , but geez he was worse than bogging yesterday , as for Fontaine yes he needs to go far to slow and his second touch is always a tackle , bring McGee back in in his place 

    McGhee doesn’t need to drop back, just go back to the back 4 with Sweeney and Ashcroft.

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