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  1. He's good enough to play for any team in Scotland. He'd score 25 goals a season for either of the ugly sisters .how the rangers haven't signed him yet is laughable considering the shite they spend millions on.what a career turnaround for him .he didn't even have a team when we signed him .
  2. Did he play with Hurst. I'm sure Hurst was away by time him and grady arrived. A front 2 of Annan and grady in the 1st division when they could have played with most teams in Scotland shows how much money we were throwing at the team back then .
  3. Mark mckenzies stats wouldn't get him a game wae Coylton ffs .he is simply not good enough for this level. He's like a man doon.
  4. Mark mckenzie is beyond shite if he wasn't at ayr he'd be playing for Maybole or something. How he gets a start every week is beyond me and every other ayr fan I know. Over 100 games and I think he's scored like less than 10 goals.
  5. The song makes me cringe so bad .up at airdrie there was 2 wee kids that are black in the row infront of me and our idiotic "ultras" sing that song.
  6. We've yet to draw a game yet .this will be the game 1 each.
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