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  1. You do need snookers to catch Celtic so excellent choice by the board.
  2. I was supporting you mate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you having his back. I was very vocal against John McGlynn and he’s turned it around big time.
  3. Tbf to @AJFhe’s been a massive advocate of Beale being good enough to progress Rangers whilst doing dual manager and DoF role even though he’s not got enough experience to do either never mind both so he’s unlikely to turn against him now.
  4. Watched the end of the game at TFS. I keep hearing people saying Celtic will drop points this season but so far, after only 7 games, they have nearly double the points of the team in 4th and nearly treble that of the team in 5th. Admittedly it’s not a good look for the league and no other league worldwide will have a complexion like it but also, there is no way they will drop a lot of points this season.
  5. Beale obviously feeling guilty about the goal so bringing Dessers on to effectively put Rangers down to 10 men. Pretty sporting.
  6. Fair enough. See what you are saying. I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Dowell, Souttar or Lawrence miss more games through injury than they play during their Rangers career. They certainly seem to lack the mindset of say Arfield who’d run through a wall to play for any club he’s been at.
  7. I think he’s pulling your leg a bit - even Pep said last week injuries were concerning him and he has the best squad in club football. Are you not more concerned about the quality of signings you’ve made ? Butland apart they all look really poor. Are you not surprised like Arfield, Tillman and Hagi were allowed to leave when they all looked better than the likes of Lammers, Sima and Cifuentes for example ? There are definitely parallels with Beale and Caixinho in that both were given free reign to sign the majority of their signings without the support of a DoF. It doesn’t seem a co-incidence that the 2 best signings of Beale’s tenure (Cantwell and Raskin) were signed by Wilson. Also, Tbf to Caixinho, he signed Jack, Morelos and Candeias so maybe I’m being unfair to him comparing his signings to Beale.
  8. Whilst I totally disagree with the notion that we’ve won the league already, it doesn’t overly bother me that some posters think like that. Watching us play this season with the improvements McGlynn has made to the squad and the form guys like McCann, Nesbitt and Morrison are showing us what gives me confidence. We are a far, far better team this season than last season. This isn’t a procession this season - Hamilton are a worthy opponent and we’ll drop points to other teams too. McGlynn won’t let the players think it’s a procession either - the players feet will be planted firmly on the ground.
  9. Yeah spot on. Both them and Luton are awful football teams.
  10. Kenny Miller was asked during the live commentary if, as a striker, could he see any strengths in Cyriel Dessers as the commentator couldn’t see any at all. Whilst trying to be polite and respectful Miller basically said Desser’s doesn’t appear to have any strengths at all .
  11. If an official bid was made then apologies - I genuinely didn’t know that.
  12. Well we will never know as he never has and never will get the opportunity big man.
  13. Yes, I think players potential ability level increases when playing with and against better teams and players. If you and Gannonballs disagree then you are entitled to your view.
  14. So the top players don’t play in either the best or richest leagues ? Interesting take. Rodgers spent £32m on Tielmans whilst at Leicester- I’m sure if the fabled approach for Wee McGregor had actually happened he’d have been playing for Leicester.
  15. You obviously watch him more than me so I respect your opinion. I disagree though - if he was as you suggest regularly lording it versus the top European and National sides then there’s now way he’d still be at Celtic. It’s as simple as that.
  16. At this level ? He’s always been pish at that level if you mean Champions League. He’s spent his entire career, apart from a short loan spell at Notts County, at a level he’s comfortable in the best team in the league. He will never play in one of the top 5 leagues - fact.
  17. One thing : 1. Marvin Bartley is an arsehole - he’s trendy in the media just now but that will pass cos he’s a total cock of a man.
  18. Congratulations you’ve just won the worst post of the season award. Arsehole.
  19. He was awful but wasn’t the only one. When he received the ball tonight his first thought was to go backwards. He was very poor but McGinn, Tierney and others were too.
  20. From what I can see, the Ultras are just mainly the same group of people that classed themselves as ‘Casuals’ in subsequent seasons and are behaving exactly the same way but have swapped Stone Island and Adidas for drums and balaclavas.
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