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  1. Assuming Bayern? Always seem to have a go at Uefa about fan treatment. As for the game, thought Aberdeen played very well, second goal was a bit soft but plenty of "bigger" sides have gone to Frankfurt and had a hiding.
  2. I don't mind Aberdeen, thought they did very well, but as West Ham and Benfica have had away fans banned for similar incidents, likely it will happen to the Dons.
  3. I'd imagine Abderdeen will now get a ban for their next away game, if not the last. Uefa coming down heavy on these incidents now.
  4. Lazio took minimal numbers due to a boycott. General fans got bit of a hiding. Imagine they'll walk Aberdeen through the forest after the match to the station, that's an eye opening experience. As for the game, long way to go, but Aberdeen have done brilliantly so far, hope they can hold out
  5. I'm really surprised Gotze is only 31, feel like he's been around for years. Pretty strong line up from Frankfurt.
  6. The only time I ever saw him at Upton Park was near the press area quite close to Neil Lennon. Draw your own conclusions.
  7. News for those down in these parts, I posted in the 'nom nom nom' thread about these guys setting up a shop in Angel, doing pies etc https://www.auldhag.co.uk/ They've just confirmed that they will also be selling Vitamin T on draught and in cans for your takeaway needs. A fairly short walk from the Scottish Stores, so you can have a change of scene and still have a delicious pint.
  8. Frankfurt is a real shit hole, alongside Hollywood the only place I've ever seen someone injecting themselves in public. That being said, enjoy the beer and the stadium is cracking. I think their support is on some sort or protest at the moment due to policing within the ground.
  9. Think the thing with Bellingham opposed to the three you've mentioned is he isn't a striker. He is grabbing games by the scruff of the neck in midfield and making it his own. Kane is going to reap the benefit of having someone like Bellingham in behind (oo er). The lad loves niggling at players as well, which we've previously been really good at, just wasn't on show last night.
  10. Well work has been about as enjoyable as a kick in the nads. I've seen enough of Rice over the past couple seasons to know he is "world class" just makes it look so effortless, whilst we looked all over the shop. We were making passes that they were four or five steps in front of. Bellingham is on another level all together though, as folk have said it would have required them playing very poorly and us playing at a really high level to get a win last night. The result doesn't change our qualifying campaign, unfortunately England are just streets in front of us they are a goalkeeper and centre half away from a completely solid international side, we won't face many sides as good as they are. The likes of Spain and Germany seem to be going through a transition, and we can feasibly compete with them at the moment. Spain away will be a difficult task, but they've got more to lose than we do. That game should suit our style a lot more than last night did. Anyway, counting down the minutes to get out for lunch and have a tennents and set the world to rights. Ps, f**k the king.
  11. Jesus, that has made me feel old. Sure Hutchinson scored only a few weeks ago.
  12. Exactly, coming dangerously close to the being short of the homegrown quota as well.
  13. The deal for Irving is essentially due to a new link up with West Ham and his club. They will become a "feeder" club for West Ham. He's being loaned straight back to them. Be surprised if he ever plays.
  14. Not seen too much of this lads stuff on YouTube, but thought the general consensus was that he promoted Scottish football fairly well? Or has he just gone for the standard Old Firm bias?
  15. Had my Mum down this morning, and she took with her the essentials from Deas in Muir of Ord. Very much looking forward to having these later. Fairly sure County fans spoke highly of them. As for the tattie scones, something I never thought about making, they look tremendous @Cosmic Joe On another note, for those London based, this looks like it will be opening in Angel towards the end of August https://auldhag.co.uk/ so you could feasibly go for your roll and sausage, before a short walk to the Scottish Stores for a pint of Vitamin T
  16. Review from a lad I work with who follows Wimbledon, Nightingale is good in the air, but gets found out when trying to play. As long as he has someone fairly competent beside him, should be solid enough. Always gives plenty of effort. Wimbledon seem to have as many defenders as County do midfielders, he said he'd be surprised if he only stayed till January.
  17. The conclusion is that you've noticed the problem, which is a massive step in itself. You also seem to want to make a change which again is massive step forward. Can completely relate to the motivation part of the post, it's a horrible feeling. As I and others have said previously, counselling is a brilliant thing, and I'd say just keep chasing as much as you can. If you ever want to chat about things, feel free to drop us a message.
  18. And has made a few quid out of it The internet is a strange old place.
  19. Really appreciate the reply, it's quite funny but obviously I posted the above and I could see there had been a reply and due to anxiety levels it took me a few days to even come back into the topic. I don't think I'd see another counsellor in that period of her being away, mainly as I don't want to start from scratch as such. I think I was very lucky that the first one I have met I have been able to open up with relative ease. I mentioned to her in my previous session that I felt like I had regressed and that certain topics which I think are in truth a bit fucking ridiculous are always at the forefront of our chat. I said that we had been seeing each other for nearly a year now, and topics at the beginning are still there, but she made a really good point by saying that because we're essentially experiencing these things together, we can now make links. There are things she is able to see which all add up, and that gave me a bit of comfort. Again, thank you for the reply, it's bit of a bleak look, but at times it is nice to know that others are facing similar struggles.
  20. It is strange looking back at this post, in February I felt I had it all sussed out. The past few weeks have been utterly dreadful, a mix of anxiety and depression. I am still doing my certificate, and that has very much opened my eyes to things that I have gone through in my younger years and also adult life. I still see my counsellor most weeks (cut down a bit due to the ever increasing costs of life), and she has been a real blessing, but the other week revealed she is pregnant so we will be taking a break from October till about March next year. When she told me she asked how I felt, and I genuinely just felt very happy for her, but then the realisation started to set in that my person that I go to and talk to about all manner of things would be disappearing and I panicked. It is something we have been discussing in our past couple of sessions. I've told pretty much all my friendship group that I see a counsellor and they have been really good, but I do have this issue where I feel like my counsellor is the only person I actually listen to in regards to mental health. However one positive is that it has opened up my friendship group emotionally, and we now often check in on each other, and can have chats about things we previously wouldn't. What I have found with counselling is that I almost feel like I have gone back a few steps, I have been going for nearly a year now and I probably feel in bit of a worse state than when I started. I am aware that is purely down to the fact that I've suppressed so much over the past 30 odd years of my life and it is now coming to the surface. I never thought I struggled with depression, but it is probably something that has been there for a good few years now. I said to her that I feel like my life is almost like a line that has hit a plateau with a feint line behind that is going up and down like a heartbeat which are my emotions. I think the saddest thing for me at the moment is that I take no real joy out of anything in life, and it's a very difficult way to live life. I'd never thought about anti depressants, but it is definitely something I am considering at the moment. I am not suicidal by any means, but again in my last session I did admit that the thought of death was almost bit of a comfort. I've struggled with sleep for a few years now, and previously when I got into bed I'd replay a goal in my head. I'm not even sure it is a goal that has happened, but that was my comfort, replaying this goal on loop. However in recent months that goal has been replaced by a thought of dying, and it brings a relief that drops me off to sleep. I'm very aware that this is bit of a heavy post, but I guess I just wanted to check in. People probably read that quoted post and thought "Oh that's good he's fixed" but I am becoming ever aware that you're just permanently fixing yourself and it's a long old job.
  21. Not sure that's the time for song choices Thought there was a march down here the other day, but turned out to be a Stop Oil protest.
  22. Seems he was a bit forced to come out before the press did it for him Still very young, think it's easy to forget that a lot of these lads are in their bloody 20s, got to take some toll. Hopefully able to focus a bit more on his football now, but a long journey in front of him.
  23. Frankfurt is a fucking hole. It is easily up there with one of the worst places I have been. As mentioned, Dusseldorf is absolutely superb, and a decent location to get to other places in the country.
  24. Forest Green have named Hannah Dingley temporary boss. The first woman to manage a men's professional side in England. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/66105649
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