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  1. I know we don't have many striker options (I mean Bair was a back up to our back up) but come on. There was atleast 3 chances that we have to score, be it a Sunday league team or Barcelona. I can't really fault the team that much but it's just frustrating when there isn't really a big negative to point out in the squad. Bair was doing great for the most part with holding the ball but him and the rest kept on hesitating at the wrong moments. If we keep playing like this then we will be both safe and possibly challenging for something. Just need to get "Score" thing sorted. The less said about rangers performance thought the better. When your fans boo you after a win that says it all.
  2. Well. I'm not sure if I like or hate how we have done well, but are still getting beat narrowly. A very good performance so far buy no shots on target (I'm not sure if one of the close chances was blocked instead of just going wide) and an unfortunate goal. This will be a real test in the second half. We need to score but I don't really see someone with that spark. Makes you wish for Van veen. He would have had a field day with this overall team performance.
  3. Looks like Moult is injured for Dundee United. That will probably silence the critics who wanted to sign him as our main striker for a bit. Sad to hear that but it's just proof that it was probably the best decision for us.
  4. On the game, the last time I was at tynecastle that I can remember was the 3-2 seedorf game. Was absolutely manic that day. I do hope we can get the win and possibly top the league for the int break but i think realistically we will just manage a draw. We seem to have a habit of our strikers getting injured and out of action for a period of time...
  5. Cant wait to see the decision on sportscene. Just to see how bad it really was. And for Derek's reposnse. Will he shake the refs hand?
  6. Seen that we have sold out the Hearts game allocation (including the lower end bit).
  7. Not sure if this has been posted yet (wanted to avoid alot of that St Mirren stuff leaking into here.) Seems they want fans to design the kit. From the wording this is for both the Home and away, as well as potential 3rd. Finally, my godamn awful stripped Bradford city shirt might become next seasons home kit.
  8. I honsrly felt that it was a much more even second half, but really I think I've just been thinking about the negatives (and the penalty miss) that's really blinded me to the greater performances. Paton was a much needed change and we started to build from there. What has he done with the previous Paton?
  9. Really? I thought it was still quite mixes. It certainly picked up after the goal but I thought it was more end to end and that overall it would have been killie that would have won it. Of course this is my opinion straight after the match. It will most likely change after having some time and watching sportscene. Paton was a real game changer surprisingly.
  10. We have learned all the wrong lessons from the St mirren game. As in nothing.
  11. Honestly, this game is looking worse than the St mirren game. Terrible in all areas of the pitch.
  12. Probably the best for him. No way would he be getting any gametime with us (Thank goodness).
  13. Yeah, I saw it mentioned in the BBC gossip Column and on twitter (or whatever its called nowadays). Didn't realise it was being talked in the previous pages of the thread.
  14. Welp. Looks like Mika Biereth will be out for a few months with a possible knee injury due to that tackle. One big spark of hope for this season wiped out I guess.
  15. So Dundee then? That deal only fell apart when Dundee themselves got relegated so now they are in the premiership they would be the biggest club surely? If we end up getting some fee for lamie I will be laughing all yhe way to the bank.
  16. Aye, two of them were "closed" (as in they were open but the security wasn't allowing anyone to go through them at the time. They could have done is a bigger favour and kept us out for the 90 minutes. We wouldn't have missed much anyway.
  17. Been watching that whole 90 minutes. I don't think there was anybperuod in which we simply passed the ball with intent. It was "side, side ,punt" or "side, side, lose possesion". Mugabi should have been sent off twice but I suspect Willie collum knew having him on the pitch was actually a punishment for us. The 1 shot on target really shows that we became the Hibs from last Sunday. I honestly thought this might be the season that we start to progress in the cups but we didn't even give this a proper go.
  18. 40 minutes in and I'm still waiting for the actual team to come out. Any idea where they went?
  19. St mirren do know that you can open up more than 1 turnstile for the away end. Right?
  20. Well, it's through Motherwells Online site. Not St mirrens like it was prior. St Mirren have probably printed off a bunch of tickets and now handed them over to Motherwell to sell.
  21. Looks like the Ticket System has gone down for St mirren. Guess they thought it was more efficient and better to just issue physical tickets for any more sales.
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