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  1. From Bobby Bruce and Bill Wallace to Sandy’s Fleming and Bell, alongside Adam Smith and Andy Carnegie, with Andy Murray and Sir Chris Hoy the world knows Scotland is the premier in sports, entertainment, the arts and innovation and the above competitors have only proven that once again. What a team, what a country.
  2. Spoiler; Takam did not. Bakole stops him, certainly had him hurt with some handy shots but the ref jumped in pretty quick tbh
  3. All bang on the money about Taylor, which is actually really unfortunate tbh! Love the boxer, that he was when he exploded on to the scene but his opinions are very hard to agree with, at best… Will swerve the exhibition tonight. Bakole did not look anywhere near ideal on the scales, 300lbs?! Could turn in to a very tough fight if Takam still has the durability he usually shows.
  4. 7 for Wednesday. Really saddening to see team RoW letting themselves down over a delayed score. Show a bit decorum, gents.
  5. Azeez v Buatsi being off tonight is a shame. Lawal v Chamberlain headlining I’m keen to see but if I’d had tickets, arranged travel etc only to be told I can claim a refund but also need to now buy a new ticket for Lawal v Chamberlain I’d be fairly fucked off. Hennessy jr v Laws looks intriguing as well. Both with ‘fairly’ padded records though…
  6. You’d be quicker listing things less exciting than “Thommo”. Makes football sound like a funeral.
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