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  1. I get Bullens disappointment today but for gods sake get one of your staff to watch the game from the stand, totally dominated from 15 minutes onwards in the middle of the park, with Smith and Dempsey totally over run, they needed an extra body to help and was obviously glaring from the stand view.

    Then he takes off our biggest threat Amartey and leaves on McKenzie oh my god all you defenders of him on here,really the throw in on the far side summed him up launching a two yard pass over the wall just summed the boy up, the very basics he has not.

    When I saw the team my heart sunk no Murphy so good ness knows how we got through that, simples Inverness could have played all night and still not score.

  2. Seen  the highlights now and going by that people are way overreacting. Yes Morton deserved to win but nothing like what has been posted on pie and bovril, sack the manger etc. The second and third goals are horrific defending by two players on a bad day, big Mcginty is a liability as club captain and always has been, the new boy should never have been thrown in until he’s had a weeks training. Mcgeady miles away from playing, what are we paying him as whatever it is he is stealing money at the present, who on earth comes up with these signings, Mcaleer,McGuire,and now Mcgeady.

  3. Wasn’t there but I am not surprised with the result, all the games with Morton were close last year and they have recruited well. Big strong and can play a bit, that’s where we need strengthening especially in the middle of the park, the boy Power would have been perfect, he’s the type we need a no nonsense player if we don’t get somebody we are gonna  struggle.

    the new right back can’t possibly be worse than Bangala so give the boy a few games, Mcgeady don’t expect anything major from him until he gets fit, but surely he is not another McGuire.

    Onwards to another physical team this week our old nemesis Inverness, won’t be pretty so wait and see if we have learned anything.


  4. Big difference is in the wide areas, big improvement from last year with Murphy and Amartey, first look at Pendlebury and he was outstanding never gave the ball away all day capped with a great strike. Reading looks like he is enjoying it again with Murphy in front of him. Amartey when he got the ball sets up two assists and looks a real threat. A good experienced right back and we are ready with good competition throughout the team, all signs are good so far.

  5. Well that’s a very left field appointment just like the Mathie one last year. Have no doubt he will play about a dozen games but his experience will be great for the squad, the new right winger Amartey who I think has something will develope under his guidance and if it goes badly he will be the new manager by the new year. Bullen def has someone looking over his shoulder now with massive experience at the top level and must surely help the squad

  6. On tonight’s show Murphy is an up grade from last years wingers, very clever on the ball and will help Reading massively who looked very decent tonight.

    Amartey looks a player if we learn to use him, lost count times Hewitt just needed to pass a simple pass to him and don’t know why Bullen subbed him as he was a big threat with his pace.

    Pendlebury not on long enough to make an impression.

    Stanger definitely promising reminds me of Rose. and two wide players. 

    Played well in the first half but started very poorly in second half and struggled to get a hold in the second half.

    We need 4/5 good standard players to be a decent side especially a number 9 which is very obvious.


  7. JML, no loss whatsoever never been interested before the new year, and Bullen continually giving him chances before Oconner who was way more effective from the bench only .

    Big mans away and there has to be no doubt the money we got needs put back in to the team.

    left back, (wee Morton guy Strapp please) right back, attacking midfielder,winger,and striker obviously, any less then they are taking the piss.

  8. I’m on holiday and won’t be there on Friday my questions would be

    is there an increase on last years playing budget and if so by what %

    why has the full back areas that cost us a lot of points last season not been addressed.

    the media set up is embarrassing and has been for years now, why has this not been sorted.

    do you think this squad will get in the top four this season.

    why is the club going with coaches rather than a manager

  9. Unless there is at least 3/4 good quality players to come in we are gonna struggle, wondering if the money for a new pitch is gonna effect what we can offer. Like many on here I’ve got my season early and May regret that instead of picking my games, and I cannot bear watching Reading getting turned inside out week after week, for me that is one of the priority positions we must get better in.

  10. English window now open, and I think that’s where we are fishing due to the Dipo effect, expect some news shortly, have seen Mathie a few times this week and his ear has melted into his phone every time seen in discussion.

    I expect JML to go to someone down south Bullen clearly doesent rate him.

    Same with Oconner back to the Irish league and ditto as above

    Would love the boy STRAPP great left back missile of a long throw and Reading to what he should be cover only

    My big wish is TURNER push the boat out on this boy and we will make money on him (I know it’s good to dream)

  11. Well how EMBARRASSING was that could it have been made any worse my god.

    Well done thistle absolutely horsed two shite teams us and Queens, half the team could have played with there suits on tonight.

    Doolan saying he’ll play the same open way in the final, if he does they will get opened up just like that tonight, Ross County or Killie will play with them.

    Bullen just do a Coyle and walk along with Tait,White (stick to the boys fitba)

    Glendinning I’m presuming scouted everything the 11 that came in Dipo and Albinson, the other 9 average and some worse than average you know who they are.

    Mathie talks a good game typical administrator just stick to that, good to see your Dad there tonight looking well and must have been cringing through that.

    Smith and McIntyre waxing lyrical after the Inverness game about how good Bullen is, my god get a grip.

    Bullen if he stays will be away before Xmas next season, a good people person who hasn’t a clue how to put out a team and change things when it’s going wrong.

    Rant over see you all next season as that’s what we do don’t we.

  12. A F——— embarresment of a performance again 2000 up there to watch that , they have three big players as reported before the game Tiffoney,Lawless, Turner the rest are shit, they all turn up and allowed to stroll the game not a tackle on any, and whose decision to Let Muirhead go needs shot, absolutely dominating the game.

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