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  1. Ross Taylor out is going to be a blow there is nobody quite like him at this level but we will still be able to go with Brown, Yates and O'Reilly behind Aitken so don't exactly lack quality. I think this will be a tough game and we can't afford to take our eye off the ball. Clyde will come and make it difficult and get bodies behind the ball and have some pace in Leslie that will look to exploit us on the break. We might have to remain patient but as long as we get that opening goal you would fancy us for the three points with our quite ridiculous defensive record. King looks a quality addition for Clyde. Whyte is a decent enough player for this level but not one you can really rely on with his injury record. I assume there will be a few more to come before tomorrow if they do indeed have some money kicking about? I'll go 4-0 Warriors in a tight encounter. Matty Yates to get off the mark for the season adding to braces from Matty Aitken and Adam Brown.
  2. Dumbarton 1-1 Stranraer East Fife 1-1 Forfar Peterhead 3-1 Elgin Stenhousemuir 2-0 Clyde The Spartans 2-0 Bonnyrigg
  3. And to be honest that's about the only avenue they would have scored from. Plenty of endeavour but a painful side to watch. Big Faye must be up there as one of the worst players I've ever seen at this level. That one first half where he blootered it up the line to nobody was particularly funny. It's never a game of football over there. You just have to win the battle and move on. We've done that every time now since they came into the league so long may that continue. I have a lot of time for them as a football club off the park but on it is just a chore to watch. As for us huge props to the lads. Again we run with 14 players but every one of them is adding value to the team. 13 halves of football out of 14 with no goals conceded is absolutely wild and long may that continue. Nicky Jamieson was obviously man of the match but again Bucky strolled it and DJ just looks so assured in everything he does. I think Ross Meechan deserves a shout though. He's never man of the match but he's just consistently solid and streetwise and everything you want from a full back at this level. There's a feeling we can do something this year and if we add two or three next week that would certainly help. Ross Taylor will be out for a period of time which is going to be a major blow but we will just have to soldier on in the meantime.
  4. Fair play to any Bully Wee fan getting through six minutes of that Brian McLean Elgin preview on Youtube. The dullest man in the world. Sleep inducing.
  5. Replied twice to the one post. This balloon isn't upset in the slightest.
  6. Absolutely wild in here. Has a flavour of the Jeremy Kyle Show about it. Car crash stuff but very, very readable for the neutral.
  7. Forfar Athletic have already won it mate. Was confirmed in July after doing no bad in a pre-season friendly tournament.
  8. I'm fully behind giving young people a chance in life but the 13 year old running the twitter account on matchdays needs removed guys. The continual tears over the referee is very embarrassing to read and not a great look for the club.
  9. Bonnyrigg 0 - 2 Stenhousemuir Clyde 0-1 Elgin Dumbarton 1-2 Peterhead Stranraer 2-1 Forfar Spartans 2-0 East Fife
  10. Boys no going back and jacking it after your first defeat of the season is absolutely laughable. Who do you think you are? What a bunch of petted lipped, pathetic, big babies. Anyway I came on to ask what happened to that new director that was firing out on all the replies on here the other week? Does he go to the games and why has he disappeared off here? Sounded like he was going to be the messiah in his own head.
  11. Just the one goal and two assists for our #9 today lads. You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
  12. East Fife 2-0 Clyde Elgin 1-2 Dumbarton Forfar 0-1 Spartans Peterhead 2-1 Bonnyrigg Stenhousemuir 2-0 Stranraer
  13. I took in the game as well and your spot on with that assessment. I assumed the game would be one sided due to league positions but Kennoway were a sturdy mob and deserved their victory. The number six for them (Higgy?) was the best player on the park. Real box to box display he could mix it in the tackle as well as play forward. Lovely wee ground I hope to get back there again at some point.
  14. That was a cracking game of football. Loads of good play and played at a high intensity for the full game. I didn't think Lithgae could maintain that as they were sharp out the blocks and lulled for the last 20 minutes of first half but were bang at them again in the second half. A point was the least they deserved. EK clearly have the better technical players but they can be over elaborate at times. Playing the inverted full back Lockie like they do at Man City and Arsenal does seem to lack purpose at times but that's the kind of stuff Kennedy will try to show what a top football brain he is. I was near the dugouts and him and Ferry were as unbearable as expected. Dylan Paterson was outstanding for Lithgae. I've seen him a few times for them and Bo'ness and it is a matter of time before he goes back to league football. I hope my own team will sniffing about. Him and Andy Stirling were the best players on the park.
  15. Mick Kennedy continues to be the biggest walloper in Scottish football. A horrible wee guy.
  16. Yeah I wouldn't go back to a live boxing event either. It can ruin the evening if you are landed next to the oxygen thieves. Career best performance from Eubank there? I thought he was exceptional but Smith looked like a wounded old dog. I can only assume trying to lose the weight after the injury has been difficult as he looked like he had no life about him from the first bell. Hopefully Jnr can now go on and remove the head from Connor Benn's shoulders.
  17. A last minute winner with ten men it doesn't get much better than that does it? It wasn't a great game of football in all honesty. Both sides huffed and puffed throughout in a baking hot day. Carswell made a great save from a Ross Meechan thunderbolt in the first half but apart from that there wasn't much goalmouth action. Darren Jamieson dealt with everything he had to with ease, as he always does, but he didn't really have to make any outstanding saves as he has in previous games. Buchanan and Meechan really rallied the troops in that closing period and were vocal in keeping our shape compact in front of them. it was a real top shift from the lads in such stifling conditions to keep concentrated and switched on until the death. I actually thought we looked better when down to ten men - it galvanised us and we actually looked a bit more of a threat on the break when O'Reilly came on. I always thought we had one more chance in us as Spartans were going side to side and not looking likely to penetrate us. Delighted to see James Berry get the winner he's had a tough start at Ochilview and looked a little off the pace so hopefully he can grow from this and force himself back in the team. Although Spartans did huff and puff and not look likely I actually thought they looked a decent side for this level. Armstrong was the best player on the park by a mile and they have two good wingers who will cause a lot of bother at this level but they were just marshalled well by Bilham and Meechan on the day. Sets us up nicely for the home game against Stranraer. We still have a lot of work to do with a lot of aspects of this team but for today I think we applaud what a monumental effort that was from the boys who left it all out on the park and got their rewards.
  18. Up there as one my favourite ever posts. Just simple and effective and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Back to the football and I am absolutely gobsmacked the league cup group stage and league double winners have failed to register a goal against a shambolic Bully Wee. The clock is ticking for Uncle Ray.
  19. I wonder if it will still be £18 in the Lowland League lads?
  20. Credit to you Jupiter. You are the only Loon out there that seems to have any understanding at all of football at this level. You remind me of myself within our own support - a rose amongst the thorns.
  21. We fired two blanks and Matty Yates barely touched the ball in the opening two leagues where he started up front. It seems a bizarre shout to suggest we to back to that. Aitken has his faults of course but he's been decent in the last two games and is a goal threat. He's also laid on a few sitters for other players to miss - he's clever in the final third with the ball in and around the box. We do need genuine number nine competition in the door that's for sure but I don't think going back to that lack of attacking cohesion we had in the first two games can be the answer.
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