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  1. 29 minutes ago, Buttocks Brown said:

    When Strain was suspended for the 4-0 St Johnstone game, Ryan Flynn played 87 minutes at RWB. Of all our reserve players, to me, he seems the best fit out there. Lacks Strain's flair going forward but is an experienced, tidy footballer. Also means McMenamin can play his more natural position further forward. Maybe SR will try that again tomorrow.

    Flynn's pace bothers me. Tidy player indeed however up against Sima or Mutondo I have the fear. 

    We need to win the midfield battle. Drop Kiltie back into the middle of the park to help Baccus and O'Hara. 

  2. 47 minutes ago, Shuggie_Murray7 said:


    SR needs to get the RWB position sorted ASAP then, and stop dicking about with McMenamin there - he's simply not a defender.

    I'd even be happy with Fraser at RWB and Bolton coming in to the back 3 over McMenamin dropping in at RWB.

    Failing that, Flynn is an adequate defender when needed.

    Not sure how much Small has played on the right hand side, but could be another shot.

    The injury to Strain is a kick in the balls, as so much of what he does is why we've done so well.

    Been saying this for a while. Get Fraser to fullback and bring in Bolton. 

    Strain out is a massive blow but on the flip side dangle the new contract under his nose to see if he is interested. 

    Playing McMenamin at RWB is a massive mistake. Flynn is a bit part player without any pace so he is not the answer either. Unless Small can play RWB it has to be Fraser. 

  3. In the cold light of day we need to keep backing the side. Are we struggling right now? Yes we are. 

    I think something is missing from our early season form. 

    We lack a natural finisher and our midfield is not winning enough battles. 

    Bolton needs to come into the centre of defence and push Fraser to fullback. 

    Get Kiltie in the midfield along with Baccus and O'Hara 

    Try Nahmani up top with Ayunga and McMenamin. 

    Nahmani looks like he knows the way to goal and should get more game time. 

  4. We have not played well for weeks. We were actually poor for 35 minutes against St Johnstone before they fell apart. 

    Our game relies on Strain simple as that. He is our creative spark. If he doesnt play or is off it we struggle to find ideas. 

    O'Hara is not playing anywhere near as good as he did last year. 

    McMenamin has to do better. Get him away from defence and play him where he is supposed to play. 

    We have Small and Bolton who surely can play defence. 

    We have options time to use them. 

    We are in danger of a slide down the table unless we get our form back. 



  5. 2 hours ago, Captain_Sensible said:

    Anyone still doubt Zach Hemming?

    There’s no way Trevor Carson is saving that yesterday. Too short for a start

    Definite upgrade 

    The DOB having a fit at the end of last season was a godsend 

    Most people had doubts about Zach based on his form with Killie. 

    He has rebuilt his confidence with us and the coaching of Langfield has helped. 

    He is enjoying his football and we are benefiting. 

  6. Our games relies on Strain and Tanser. An on form Strain makes us tick with his ability to move us up the park on the right. 

    It was highlighted before that we are using the left side more. Tanser does what Strain does on the opposite side. With both playing we switch it about but with only one we are too one sided. 

    McMenamin is an inigma. There is a player there but he flatters to deceive. I am yet to be totally convinced by him. 

    He did ok yesterday but I would prefer Bolton played full back. 

  7. What a shocker of a game. Kiltie motm by a country mile. I will take a scrappy win every week but boy that was difficult to watch. 

    We miss Strain badly. 

    I honestly thought it would be a nil nil. 

    Livi look shocking and I would be worried if I was them. 

    All Martindale does is scream at the players. He has them too scared to play

    Hope big Taylor is ok


  8. 1 hour ago, smellthepaw said:

    Wouldn't be surprised to see him punted in January. Jamieson ahead of him in the pecking order and we now have Ayunga on the comeback. That's Ayunga, Mandron, Grieve, Olusanya, Jamieson and if you want to class him in the same positions, McMenamin. He's not even getting anywhere near a sniff of action.

    Would be a shame as he has hardly had a kick. We are top heavy with strikers but not enough natural finishers. 

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