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  1. The Goal was as much Tansers fault as it was Hemming. Tanser ran towards Zach and they left it to each other. If Tanser doesnt make his move then it's an easy catch. Hemming is our number one and I don't see him being replaced.
  2. I also thought he could have went down under the initial challenge giving Beaton a sending off decision.
  3. Was thinking the same on Sunday. He is not a natural finisher but boy can he run.
  4. Time to look at this in context. Firstly remove the obvious VAR decisions. We lost this game on not taking our chances and perhaps not playing to the strengths of the players on the park. Toyosi running clear was a classic example of a brilliant chance missed. There were cross balls just waiting to be nodded in but our forward line were too short. Even though they all played well. Many of of our fans round me were crying out for Mandron in the first half. If you play a quick forward use the space between defenders to let Toyosi into. Play him into the channels. Hibs game for example. These were the fine margins. Yes the VAR stuff went against us but we should have buried an Aberdeen side who didn't lay a glove on us.
  5. I actually dont think Robbo would take the hibs job if offered. McInness may be in the frame though
  6. I actually think his form has dipped a bit. Both Tanser and Taylor are playing better.
  7. It's the inconsitency that kills you. Beaton looks at the screen for the penalty for Aberdeen but does not look at the actual claims for a double hit. All we are looking for is fairness
  8. Totally agree. Best Aberdeen strip I have seen in years.
  9. Taylor is outstanding what a player. He strolls through games. The plaudits for Robbo are justified. He is the best manager in years. Doesn't sound like anymore players will come in according to Robbo. I know he is clever to play down our funds etc but one more would be good.
  10. Totally agree. I actually prefer Boyd munce to Baccus. I thought he went missing at times today.
  11. Barry Robson would give me the fear as manager. He looks disinterested and never organises play. He also spends too much time chatting and not watching the game.
  12. Football can be a sickner. We should have been 2 or 3 to the good. We have to see games out. Its hard not to blame officials but holy feck today was shocking. Sore one but onwards and upwards.
  13. Only one team in it before the freak of a goal. Shocker from Hemming. If we are going to play this formation we need a target in the box. Toyosi has done well but Mandron would be better.
  14. Shinnie is the player to watch. He makes Aberdeen tick imo
  15. Olusanya starting. Could be an interesting first half. On a side note Robbo must stay
  16. I am still not sure we need another striker with the formation we play.
  17. Would not expect him to replace Tanser tomorrow who has started the season on fire.
  18. Great business to get Small back. Lad is very raw but there is 100% quality in there. Robbo can iron out his flaws. Look at Taylor. Will give us cover for Tanser Tough game tomorrow. How good would it be to be sitting top of the league on 9 points.
  19. Good result for Aberdeen. Please now rest your entire team on Sunday
  20. Kettlewell caused all this fuss. He stoked the fire with his comments. Total fud
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