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  1. I doubt it'll be on TV, looks to be the continued attempt but Cormack and it American owners to implement some kind of weird prime-time game. I remember we did it for the game we beat them in a couple of years ago when Griffiths scored.
  2. I had literally just seen that comment as well, beyond parody. It always has to be about them.
  3. This Patriots team is awful, and yet they still own the Jets. C'est la vie.
  4. Good, I like it when other people do. I don't when I do.
  5. I absolutely hate this Patriots team.
  6. Do Hibs have a favourite moment against United? Certainly didn't come last season. Only thing I can think of is Conrad Logan's heroics/Cummings' redemption penalty in the 2016 Scottish Cup SF.
  7. Totally agree, I understand being cautious while a man down but the lack of intensity especially compared to Killie, who were doing well to get to balls first even before Mulligan was sent off, was very frustrating. Individually it's hard to fault any player too much today, but a focus on intensity and ball control has to be the focus going into the next training session, particularly with a Hibs side that wilt on the press coming up.
  8. Relatively minor, but Carson's goal kicks have been fucking atrocious all game
  9. Penalty was bad luck, red card was deserved, hard to complain but 2nd half will be tough. Killie a nightmare to play against, very good on the counter. Don't think we've played bad at all either, but been clumsy with the ball on and off it. Only thing I'd contend is that I think Deas is lucky to be on the park for his tackle on McGhee.
  10. It stopped a clear goalscoring opportunity, so it doesn't really matter what the intent was.
  11. Saw it hit his hand and knew it was a penalty immediately. Bad luck, but hard to complain.
  12. Dee4Life and the South East Section teamed up to make a tifo display for this game. Hopefully it's decent, though I'm not particularly expecting much.
  13. Took in the Lochee derby on Saturday and it was a closer game than I envisioned it would have been, Harp gave United a good run for their money and really should've had at least one goal, particularly early in the 2nd half when they were peppering United's net. Better team won in the end though, some clearly good talent at the Chee (and that's ignoring Bobby Linn), though it looked an off day for Jaden Ferguson. Very emotional lad, screaming every time United gave the ball away, funniest moment being when he was dispossessed in midfield and just stood watching in a huff while the ball was still being contested right in front of him. New Beechwood Park didn't exactly enamour me tbh, but the game was competitive enough and got a wee bit feisty at the end and that's all I wanted, so I left happy.
  14. Giants were very enjoyable to watch that half, as have been Washington.
  15. Well in the two boys from Are-broth!
  16. Removed the weed, but the roots remain. Some laugh if you hire Davidson, it'll be St Johnstone fans pestering you non-stop if so. Sacked 4 months into a two-year extension too, also some laugh.
  17. Or to boot some flares into their end, either works for me.
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