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  1. Fill in the blanks Two _______________ & one _________________
  2. Newlansfield having a big capacity than Lesser Hampden is some laugh.
  3. One thing that's always bothered re: the subject at hand is the concept of 'integration' that no-one seems to ever define or elaborate on. The irony is any given definition would show normal island to be a smidge hypocritical if your stereotypical ex-pat in Spain is anything to go by.
  4. At least the amateur side are doing well.
  5. I'd take Kaepernick in Detroit on the practice squad if only to annoy Kid Rock & Ted Nugent.
  6. Hottest free agent in wrestling klaxon. Kayfabe it's wanting a new challenge but in reality it's likely an issue with Noah's booking & management which as much I like the promotion it has real problems with both. Brings an end to a 16 year tenure with the company although curiously only signed a contract with the promotion in 2016.
  7. Might be interested to know yer man Jack Morris won his first piece of gold in Japan courtesy of winning the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship at the weekend.
  8. Tory policy of lettting arr brave boys shoot shoplifters incoming
  9. I don't have a microscope fancy enough for the size of violin needed.
  10. Stirling Uni Reserves with an oopsie. 8th tier of Scottish football btw.
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