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  1. Righto. Thanks everyone for the advice and memes. Paying for a full system for "peace of mind" when insurance does the same thing is pretty daft. If someone is determined enough it's going to happen and I can see how making it a fortress makes it seem a tastier target. Going to leave it at insurance for me and a video doorbell for the Mrs. Cheers folks.
  2. That was where I started but found you had to pay for access to the footage which I thought was odd but seems to be industry standard. I'll go give them another look.
  3. Asked for a quote and got threatened with the claw end of a hammer.
  4. Your boy has gone and got his family a nice house. We used to live in a block of flats, security door and it just felt inherently safe. Now though, I'm convinced ever single person in the world is going to jump my back fence and smash straight through my kitchen door. I know NOTHING about home security. Cameras, alarms and the like. Most of the big names I've seen charge extra for things I would have expected like access to the recordings. Any advice would be appreciated on brands, set ups or even businesses to check out. Thanks.
  5. I'm thinking Poundland plastic trophy superglued to a massive base for the plaque containing the winners names.
  6. Doc has been amazing but just remember we aren't the only ones to see it. I'm now waiting for a larger chequebook to show up. Long may it stay in the bureau though.
  7. Really wasn't expecting that today. Can't help but notice a lot of regulars haven't posted yet. Enjoy the sore heads tomorrow lads.
  8. The man, the myth, the moustache. That's enough to make me actually want to go.
  9. Ah I meant even if they fixed it up and made it useable there wouldn't be a way into the Derry.
  10. Can you get into the Derry from that side? I don't think you can. There's also been a lot of stuff thrown over the wall and vandalised over the years. It is in quite a sorry state. Wonder if a clean up will happen now Keyes and co. own it.
  11. Got me thinking of the mega M8 at le mans a few years ago.
  12. They will be fined a fredo frog and then given a medal for testing out the fire safety procedure at Dens.
  13. Actually f**k Rangers and all who sail in her.
  14. He may not be the greatest driver on the grid, but he makes the best "f**k you this is my wall" art.
  15. A man of class. Would expect no less. FTA+B&Q
  16. Man delighted to show off his new pool.
  17. Thanks for reminding me that Super Aguri existed.
  18. Tshocking Tsunoda Turned in way before the apex.
  19. Not a fan of Leclerc, but you cannot "investigate" him for driving in an unsafe condition if you didn't show him a black and orange flag. "We are angry you didn't do our job for us"
  20. If I hear Russell hustle again in my life I'm out.
  21. Used to live in Portrush and marshalled NW200 weekends for years. The train tunnel half way up blackhill just after church corner was terrifying to manage. Even though the course was closed and that area had poor crossing, you would still have spectators and locals walking down the hill towards oncoming promotional traffic and rookies doing sighting laps. That little right left is completely unsighted and I'm not sure if it's crowd mentality or "safety in numbers" but without fail it would always happen. No amount of shouting or directing people helped. Last year I did it was 2014. Don't miss it.
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