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  1. Didn't watch it on sportscene, but the angles VAR had of it, the ball was gone before he went to ground and kicked his ankle. You have to play the ball and the ball was gone. He was also out of control so I don't understand how it could be anything other than a red. What's your view of it?
  2. Penalty and red card were absolutely deserved. The quality of refereeing there after was criminal. Hard fought point but a point that Dundee of old wouldn't have gotten. Really like the Doc and the team he has put together. Cut out the silly shenanigans and top 6 is very likely.
  3. He basically volleyed your boys ankle and the ball was long gone. Reds don't get any more obvious. Well there's Maradona.
  4. Always a red and using VAR to take that length of time to tell he just murdered someone is ridiculous. Dundee doing Dundee things.
  5. All the stability is getting boring. Let's give reckless finances another shot.
  6. Remember though, she only won because the conservatives (old boys club) are racist... That's somehow a thing that got glossed over very quickly.
  7. Genuinely didn't know this was a thing. Just checked and you save £16.20 doing this. £44 Return from Dundee. £27.80 Splitting tickets in Perth. I both want to know and don't want to know how much I've wasted not knowing about this.
  8. Has to be McIntyre with a backdoor job for jug lugs. Imagine, he ripped them off on a manager's wage only to be back in the payroll as coach for the remainder of the season.
  9. Wheres McIntyre? Jim as manager with Dodds coming back in for coach as he "knows the squad"?
  10. Although I enjoy their misery, I need a proper league derby.
  11. These international breaks make you miss the championship. Hard to be excited about that too as it's away day in Ireland.
  12. Man is committing fouls like they are going out of style.
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