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  1. Naismith just embarrased himself there. That was a man who is refusing to acknowledge that he simply isn't up to the job he is in.
  2. Stay over. As the Festival is out the way, you should get a Premier Inn room for less than £1K?
  3. Aye, fair shout. We'd have been braying for it at the other end too.
  4. Excellent, controlled finish by Tanser. Made it look easy but that is a great finish. Glad they included the preposterous play-acting by the Well player at the end. He tried to turn, bamboozled himself, and simply fell over, but the desperate howls from the stands looking for a penalty are hugely entertaining.
  5. Folk are out enjoying the weather! Get your Speedos© on and get your pimply blue erse out there!
  6. I don't think they were trying, and if they were, they certainly didn't pull it off!
  7. Could say the same about players who have signed PCAs? Aye, okay....maybe not
  8. The majority of us grunts who are wage slaves have to work a notice period before leaving a post. Perhaps that should also apply to football managers. A notice period that runs to the start of the next transfer window. At least that way the clubs could take a bit of time to consider who to bring in as a replacement, and the new manager would have a transfer window to work with.
  9. Did O'Hara not win it last year? I probably just made that up because he should have.
  10. Well, you described my initial reply as 'nonsense'. Aside from being factually inaccurate, that wasn't very nice now, was it?
  11. Read this SLOWLY.... All Tesco were obliged to do under the terms of the sale contract was to fund the build of an SPL compliant stadium.
  12. The size of the stadium wasn't based on any projection of potential attendances. It was based on the requirement in the sale contract of Love Street that Tesco build an SPL compliant stadium.
  13. How curious. A congregation of middle-aged men whose voices haven't broken. As you were....
  14. An unfortunate outcome from a robust challenge for the ball. Nothing more to it.
  15. Just checked in, only to read posts about Alan fucking Stubbs and Douglas fucking Ross! As if Sundays evenings weren't enough of a downer....
  16. Wasn't at the game this afternoon. I hear the goalkeeper did well? Perhaps @Ric can confirm....
  17. Correct. As is the case with 'jobbie', contrary to what some ill-informed folk might have you believe.
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