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  1. 1 minute ago, 'WellDel said:

    You should see the crowds we get if a couple of junkies start fighting down the precinct. We've got all the highbrow entertainment you could wish for.

    Don't think anyone seriously thought it was a pen, just the usual last minute desperation cries trying to influence the ref when you know your tea's oot.

    Aye, fair shout. We'd have been braying for it at the other end too.

  2. 12 hours ago, Arch Stanton said:



    Excellent, controlled finish by Tanser.  Made it look easy but that is a great finish.

    Glad they included the preposterous play-acting by the Well player at the end. He tried to turn, bamboozled himself, and simply fell over, but the desperate howls from the stands looking for a penalty are hugely entertaining.

  3. 46 minutes ago, pozbaird said:

    St Mirren thread quiet. St Mirren website very quiet. St Mirren fans pretty happy and quiet. No apparent dramas or crisis anywhere on our radar. As Bjork said… It’s oh so quiet.

    Suits me fine, this complete and utter lack of panic and soiled undergarments. Long may it continue*









    *There’ll be a fan / excrement interface situation soon enough no doubt. 😎

    Folk are out enjoying the weather!

    Get your Speedos© on and get your pimply blue erse out there!

  4. The majority of us grunts who are wage slaves have to work a notice period before leaving a post.  Perhaps that should also apply to football managers.

    A notice period that runs to the start of the next transfer window.  At least that way the clubs could take a bit of time to consider who to bring in as a replacement, and the new manager would have a transfer window to work with.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Stu said:

    Think Gus won a couple of manager of the month awards just before we left Love Street, can't think of one since then when we've been in the top flight.

    Last player of the month? I vaguely remember Stephen McPhee maybe winning the young player of the month award (is that award even still a thing?), not sure of anyone since then.

    Did O'Hara not win it last year? I probably just made that up because he should have.

  6. 3 hours ago, Doonhame Buddie said:

    I kind of get that. I always thought building a new ground with a capacity of ~8k showed a disappointing limit of our ambition.  Since we’ve never filled the place it shows the designers got it about right. 

    However if we could find a cost effective way of enlarging the away stand, it would be worth exploring.  Always happy to take money from opposing teams. 

    The size of the stadium wasn't based on any projection of potential attendances.  It was based on the requirement in the sale contract of Love Street that Tesco build an SPL compliant stadium.


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