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  1. My reading was that he was slow to get down because he was hedging his bets in terms of where La Fondre was going to put the shot. It was a very good counter-attacking move and he was left horribly exposed.
  2. Spot on. The striker was at an ideal angle and had space and time to select how to put the ball away.
  3. You need to get over Carson. He's gone, and he really wasn't that spectacular anyway. Hemming wasn't at fault for the goal. La Fondre had the goal at his mercy, the perfect angle to choose where he was placing the shot, and he stroked it away well. Unless you expect a keeper to cover every square foot of his goal when one on one, it seems entirely unreasonable to hold him responsible for conceding the goal.
  4. The BBC have surpassed themselves here.... First off, we won! Second, a team can't snatch a point in a "5 goal thriller". Third, they haven't included the winner in the fucking highlights!
  5. As unexpected as our winner might have been at the time, it was nowhere near as unexpected as Michael Stewart agreeing with the penalty award!
  6. Not one of them has tagged us for the drop. That concerns me deeply....
  7. I think Robinson should be put in stocks at the Cross! The temerity of the man getting us all excited then letting us down. Doesn't he realise that is no way to treat children?!
  8. Yes, yes we can. This is a football fans forum. It is what we do.
  9. Does anyone know if any players have gone out on loan...?
  10. No 'gentlemen's agreements', please! That term should join 'H*mm*rby' and 'against 9 men' on the banned list!
  11. The alternative is to keep him on the books, pay him, and be no better off in the process. That's a strange position. I'm not especially interested in his destination. In the vast majority of cases, St Mirren have absolutely no influence over who other clubs sign. That's as it should be, and we don't (or certainly shouldn't) lose any sleep over it. I'm happy to treat this as just another instance of that. This is simply another football transaction. We are well rid, frankly. How he performs at Dundee is their concern.
  12. This has to be your most fatuous post on our thread for quite some time. Its a very low bar, right enough. Why? Just.... Why?
  13. Aye, of course. Mig Mik will get his hattrick second half. 4-0, Gogic.
  14. Big Mandron on the hattrick surely. Let him take the penalty.
  15. Elvis is glad that Dunne is sidelined. Dunne is sidelined with an injury. Elvis is glad that Dunne is sidelined with an injury. Ergo, Elvis is glad that Dunne is injured.
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