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  1. I've been swithering about joining a club. The whole etiquette thing gives me the heebeegeebees just thinking about it. I just can't be arsed with the effort of learning what is accepted practice, and what isn't on. I quite like the solitary element of a long bike run. Time to clear your head and enjoy the peace. It would be good to have a mate or two who were into road-biking, so we could have a sociable run now and again, and I'm currently working on that. In other news, I've had my maiden ride on the new bike (Cube Attempt). Super-skinny race tyres (Schwalbe Ultremos) inflated to 120 psi, off-set a bit by the carbon fork. Fantasic shifting with the Shimano 105s (though I spent about 3 hours swearing at them setting them up last night - one of the perils of buying online as opposed to using your local bike shop), and it goes like stink! Early days, but it feels good....very good. All going well, I hope to do a 40 mile or so run at the weekend. I'm sick of this shitty weather, though. It's harder to drag myself away from the wine aisle on a Friday when the forecast is for wind and rain on a Saturday monring, but hopefully a long ride on my new steed will do the trick.
  2. Just received a text from my daughter to say that my new bike has been delivered Poor lassie. She is on study leave for her highers but I woke her up at 8.45am to make sure she was conscious in case the bike arrived early, and then called her from work after I arrived to make sure she hadn't went back to sleep I'll post a review once winter passes and I can actually get out on the fecker!
  3. For £500 I'd seriously consider a 2010 bike from one of the bigger stores. You could pick up a bike that would cost at least 1/3 less than the 2011 version, so would be looking at either saving a few quid, or significantly upgrading your options. There doesn't look to be a great deal wrong with the bike you're looking at right enough.
  4. Wise man. It's insane out there. We passed numerous trees down on the road home. Not a day to be biking it at all!
  5. On the tarmac, the difference between a mountain bike wth knobbly tyres (or even semi- or full slicks for that matter) and a genuine road bike is huge. I alternate between my commute-adapted MTB - a good bike with very decent components - and a stripped back road bike for my journey to and from work depending on weather and a few other factors. The road bike flies in comparison, I mean really flies. To the guys that are trying to measure how well they're getting on, and how fast they are cycling, when using a MTB (especially cheap, heavy bikes with pretty basic to duff componentry - or BSOs as they are often unkindly known....bike-shaped objects) I'd say you are undoubtedly doing yourself a dis-service. I'm not a racing-snake, super-fit, heart-monitoring obssessive, by any manner of means, but hitting 40 mph on a push-bike has to be one of the most exhilirating experiences you can have without breaking the law. If you have a mate who has a road bike, ask for a shot. It feels pretty skittish and can be a nervy experience at first, but get a few miles under your belt and you'll be amazed at how quickly you will shift in comparison to using your old bike. It's night and day, and this is coming from someone who has used a MTB for the past 10 years and only recently started road cycling. I'm totally hooked now, to the extent that I've incurred the wrath of my missus by splurging out £1K on a shiny new bike. You don't need to spend anything like that kind of money to experience the benefits of a proper road-going bike.
  6. MyTracks differentiates from moving time and stopped time (if that makes sense). It's a fantastic app - I use it on my Desire. Masses of information and charts the route on Google Earth.
  7. It's chucking it down here, and more of the same tomorrow Had hoped to get out for a couple of hours this morning but I couldn't face it. Not quite hard core just yet
  8. Aye, I'm just always on the lookout for a haggling opportunity, but it sounds as though you've got a good set-up for the money.
  9. Looks good. Happy riding! Saddle looks a bit dodgy to me. I'd recommend a wee upgrade in the not too distant future: The Dug's Baws! Great saddles, and pleny to colour options and designs to customise your steed. BTW - £70 for the accessories you mention seems a bit steep. I'd be looking for a helmet too
  10. It's Action Medical Research or something like that, though I'm doing it in memory of my father-in-law for the British Heart Foundation. As you say, the Boardman bikes get great reviews. I'm not keen on how they look, but that's just petty
  11. There is that option. Sizing a bike and gettnig a feel for it is pretty important, no doubt about that, but the best deals are usually online. You get vast choice, too. My employer is opening up the Cycle to Work scheme again next week (I already have a folder on this), just a week after I arranged to get my new bike from Formby. I could cancel the finance and I reckon they'd be okay with refunding the deposit, but I want the Cube. I would get a good enough bike through the scheme but it is limited in choice and I'm not sure that I want to settle for second best here as I'm forking out a fair few bob either way. It's a similar situation with local bike shops. They usually only stock certain brands, whereas you can get literally anything online. The Cycle to Work folks are supposedly looking into ways in which I could get the Cube through them, but they haven't got back to me yet, and my bike from Formby should be ready for delivery over the next few days. Bit of a dilemma really....
  12. I suspect you probably have to spend a minimum amount before qualifying for 0% interest from Formby (and most others). I'm paying £1K and will get 24 months. It might be £500 over a year or something similar (and £2K+ over 36 months etc.). That is the usual scenario. I'd be surprised if they offer the facility for less that that. If the master has £300 - £400 handy, then I'd agree that he'd be better opting for the Spec or Giant. I'd go for the Spec as noted above. If I didn't already have a MTB that I've adapted for the commute when the conditions are a bit too shit for the road bike, then I'd be looking at the Sirrus, no question.
  13. Aye, I reckon the Speccy would be a very good option. It'll be a very decent frame, with plenty of scope to upgrade later if desired. That would certainly be my choice if I had that budget and was looking for a decent hybrid-type bike. Internal cable routing at this price is impressive, and with a mixture of Shimano and SRAM components, and decent rims, this is a very good package for the money IMO. Once you get into the habit of your commute, you'll feel agitated if you skip a day when you had planned to ride. I have a pretty short 12 mile round trip but there are hills at either end so it is pretty challenging at times, but I've now got into the mindset whereby I'll be taking the bike pretty much regrdless of the weather. I also often extend the route for a bit of a challenge and some variety. A 30 mile round trip is another proposition right enough, but your goal of commuting by bike 2 or 3 times a week sounds like a good plan, giving yourself rest days in between. My suggestion would be to sign up for an organised ride at some point - later in the summer perhaps. I'm doing the Glasgow 100 (mile) in August, so I need to get ride time under my belt. This can be the prompt I need to get my arse on the bike in the morning as opposed to taking the car or getting a life with the missus.
  14. Just going by the pics.... The Meteor looks a bit more 'sit up and beg' to me - a more upright, relaxed riding position, if not very purposeful. The Velocity looks to be more of a chuck around, thrasher. The Velocity is probably a bit lighter, not least as it doesn't come with mudguards and a rack fitted. The Metoer is probably a bit more utilitarian, while the other Velocity no doubt has the option to add a rack and guards when the weather becomes shittier. A lot will depend on what you use the bike for. The Metoer would be practical for commuting I'd have thought, but might not be regarded as quite so cool. Ridgeback seem to be a decent enough brand, from what little knowledge I have.
  15. Giant is a big name and they make everything from kids bikes to pro racing machines. Along the same lines as Trek in some respects. You get a lot for your money, and the quality is generally very good. I don't think you'll go far wrong. Don't write off second hand, though. ETA: remember that you'll also get good deals on 2010 models (up to 40% off in some cases) so shop around (though you seem to have clocked that already). ETA#2: well worth a look: http://www.evanscycles.com/products/specialized/sirrus-2011-hybrid-bike-ec023871 A more sporty option with good upgrade potential.
  16. Sorry to hear that mate. To be honest, my purchase hasn't gone down too well, and I've been swithering a bit. It wasn't exactly an impulse buy, but I'm not sure that I thought it through given the prevailing financial situation at home. I got the bike from Formby Cycles with 24 months interest free credit. It's a long time to be tied in to a finance deal, but I figured I could easily piss £37 against the wall every month and at least this is a healthy use of the cash. To be honest, buying a new bike should be an almost religious experience, and, while I'm looking forward to the delivery, I'm not 100% convinced that I've done the right thing. This conscience thing is overrated
  17. Played 5s yesterday for the first time in the last year, and I feel as though someone has set about me with a cricket bat. I thought I was getting in pretty good shape with the cycling, but it just goes to show how tough football is at times. Still managed to commute to work in the pishing rain on the MTB , though. The Cube should be with me by this time next week. Good times
  18. I've placed a deposit on a Cube Attempt road bike (compact chainset). The bike won best 2011 bike for under £1K (albeit by a penny) in Cycling Plus magazine. My missus isn't best thrilled and I'm still trying to negotiate this one TBH. I wonder if her ire is more based on the fact that I'm getting more and more into this road biking malarky and I'm therefore more likely to come to a nasty end before my time. Alternatively, she might just think I'm being a greedy, unreasonable cunt. I'd like to think it is the former, but my head tells me it is the latter. Anyhoo.... I've registered for the Glasgow 100, opting for the miles route. I still intend to do the ride on my late father-in-law's Flying Scot, but the Cube would make training so much more enjoyable as the Scot is on the large side for me. I did consider a full carbon framed bike (Dolan Mythos), but I think this is more a case of all the gear, and no idea, than any considered deliberation as to what is the best option.
  19. FFS, man up! You know you want to If your missus has given you the green light, you're either a very lucky man, or you have a very decent life insurance policy. I'm trying to work on my other half with a view to getting a new road bike, but she isn't taking me on just now. I suspect she reckons I'll kill myself within 6 months, but the expense might be the deal breaker
  20. Worryingly, St Mirren are being liked with a move for Burton O'Brien. It seems he's on daft money at Falkirk, but is he really as ineffectual as I'm led to believe?
  21. You'll get the benefit of the hybrid in the shittier weather - especially if you buy a road bike that won't take mudguards. The other consideration is that, if you do ultimately neglect the crosstrail, you could always punt it and have a few bob to spend on sexing up your new steed The Scot is a great bike, but it is only a loan to be honest. The frame is also a bit on the large side for me. It's well equipped, though, and goes like stink - even with an old dobber like me on it
  22. If you are averaging 16 mph on a hybrid, you're doing very well indeed and will probably be entering racing snake territory if you get a road bike. I suppose a lot depends on the terrain you routinely cycle, and the type of roaf bike you opt for. I'm new to road biking myself, having decided to give it a bash on my late father-in-law's Flying Scot to see how it went. It was all a bit speculative, but I have to say that I'm enjoying it hugely. I now hope to get myself a new road bike as I'm well and truly hooked. Seriously mate, dip your toe in the water and I can guarantee that you won't look back - well....at least not unless you're turning right into a junction The temptation is to go for something racey as opposed to a drop bar bike equipped with bosses for guards and racks etc., and if you already have a decent thrashing/commute machine (as do I - my modified MTB) then I'd say go for it.
  23. I nearly got caught out with a couple of cross-winds today. Otherwise, it was a cracking morning to get out. En route, an old arsehole in an Audi coming in the other direction sounded his horn and gesticulated at the foot/cycle path that runs adjacent to the road, obviously suggesting that I should be using that as opposed to inconveniencing him and his fellow motorists. Aside from the fact that the path is strewn with debris and gravel that passing cars cast up, I don't fancy the interface of road bike doing speeds of up to 40 mph, and couple out strolling with kiddie in buggy, or on a bike with stabilisers. Fucking bellend, but there is always (at least) one
  24. Back in the day, I managed to get 2/3 of the way up Ben Venue on the MTB, then chucked it as the path faded to nothing. On the way back down I hit a drainage trough having attempted to pull of a shite bunny hop at speed and my back tyre blew. I had to stop to change the tube and was eaten alive by midges. We're talking about a black cloud of the little bastards descending on me, and they got me everywhere - inside my mouth, eyelids, knickers and all sorts. I'm still suffering from PTSD, and alternate my flashbacks of this day with those of the CIS cup final last March
  25. Negotiated my first (and second!) cattle grid on a skinny-tyred road bike at reasonable pace today. I have to say that the feat was accomplished with some aplomb, though, for a brief moment, I was convinved that a fucker in a people carrier behind me intended to traverse the thing at the same time I've booked an appointment to see my dentist first thing tomorrow morning
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