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  1. Absolutely not. Most things in life require making a payment. Why not a GP appointment? Most things can be self diagnosed or medicated via a pharmacy but, obviously, if there is a persistent problem, pain or bleed, continuous cough, etc., then a GP visit is adviseable. The fact that so much paracetamol is prescribed is indicative of frivolous appointments. A small fee will, at the very least, make people stop and think before booking the appointment. Just seems sensible. No big deal.
  2. Paying to see your GP is quite common in many other countries including socialist ones. I think it’s a good idea and would help to eliminate frivolous appointments. It would also help to engender a spirit of self help which is sadly lacking in the UK.
  3. Can’t believe there’s much in this story. I imagine they’ve broken some technicality or some crooks have taken advantage of a situation.
  4. We don’t actually know but it does seem a reasonable assumption as to where the funds have come. If that assumption is correct, then I totally agree with your sentiment.
  5. I see what you mean but I don’t think the Auditors would have signed the Accounts unqualified unless they had cast iron guarantees that the club had the funds to see out the season. In other words they must have documentation to say that shareholders were giving the necessary loans to meet the clubs liabilities up till May 2023. Looks like the old MSG have stumped up or given guarantees. From earlier statements I thought that, without new funding, we would be running out of cash about now. Presumably, these loans will come with ‘conditions’ regarding repayment. Anyway, great news and the AGM will be interesting. Its also up to the rest of us to dig as deep as possible to get us out of this awful league.
  6. Yes. Very good news indeed. Looks like MR and SA or others have stepped up with loans. Well done.
  7. Get on with your life. Its never going to happen.
  8. His earlier signings have been ‘left field’ ones. Burrell, Lawal and Rowe right out of the blue. Maybe he can do the same again?
  9. This is terrible news but that’s the loan market, I suppose.
  10. Scotland has paid nothing towards HS2. Scotland received Barnett consequentials relating to Crossrail as part of the overall departmental budgets. Regarding monetary policy, I thought the SG was going to use the pound which means monetary policy and interest rates set by B of E? The other stuff you mention doesn’t come to much and is well covered by the subsidies from London and the South East.
  11. Sorry That doesn’t make sense? If you were independent where do you intend to raise the extra funds from?
  12. Have they ever been anything else? Maybe under Salmond they were a bit more accommodating?
  13. But at some cost to normal life! Was it worth it? I say NO.
  14. Exactly correct. That’s why the directors need to be totally upfront regarding whether they have got the finance in place to see us through or not. If they don’t have it, tell us and we’ll rally round. What bothers me is the delay in having the AGM and the silence.
  15. The minimum you can buy is 1000 shares costing £400.
  16. Deedes is an excellent sketch writer. His job is to poke fun at MP’s at Westminster. If you read the article, he ridicules Douglas Ross and Alister Jack and quite a few Labour MP’s. Its very noticeable that the SNP cultists on here seem to suffer from ‘humour deficit’.
  17. Agreed. Totally irrelevant but I merely mentioned it as some on here look on the Supreme Court as being English or Conservative. Just scroll back a bit.
  18. BBC reporting Lord Hope (former Supreme Court judge)as saying that the SG are on to a loser. Interesting, if true, as he is Scottish and was a top judge!
  19. I think the deadline is the end of February, nine months after the year end?
  20. Yes. This should be a non party political matter.
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