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  1. Welcome back bud. Looks like you have chosen a good time to come back in to the fold.
  2. Got to say, I didn't think it was that bad when I have sat in it. Quite like a bit of old school, as long as it not dangerous.
  3. That is disrepectful. Bert Paton removed from the legends wall and replaced with a QR code for the 7 kings. I'm pretty annoyed about this. Great positivity at the club right now, then some twit sanctions this monstrosity. We should be naming a stand after him not removing him from the legends wall for that hideous thing. Scratching my head as to why this was given the thumbs up.
  4. I noticed Jamie McDonald was subbed on Saturday.What happened there?
  5. John Clark free kick around 1995 against St Johnstone midweek. Hit from around 30 yards and nearly ripped the goalposts out the ground.
  6. Really pleased to hear Ben Summers is making a big impact in that AM role. Was a bit disappointed we couldn't get the Wotherspoon deal over the line( he's still liking just about every Pars related post on Twitter btw) and was worried that we couldn't replace Matty Todd properly but great to hear this lad sounds like the real deal.
  7. Yep weird. If Pars were flying at the top, the last thing I would think about is Raith Rovers. They have real insecurities about what they are.
  8. Thought we would extend McCann's contract in the summer, that maybe means he's turned down an offer already. He would've certainly been another 3 year deal type player. He's been with us for a while so compo will be pretty decent I think.
  9. Sounds a bit of a mess. We have had similar issues with our training ground due to costs of materials and trade prices.
  10. So have Queens Park given up on the stadium or just a temporary move to Hampden?
  11. Ah, ok. It's still not finished then? Why has it taken so long?
  12. Not been keeping up with Queens Park politics, but why are you playing at Hampden when your new ground is now finished?
  13. I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about us ending up fighting down there. I think we have recruited a couple too many young players and lacking a couple established players who know this league. Bene's injury is a fine example, where we're left with no experienced centre halves because of one injury. Chalmers is the only experiened midfielder, he gets an injury it will be the same. I think it was great getting Matty Todd, KRH and Otoo signed up but I thought after that , there would be some older players to suppliment that. Not having Andy Tod and Taylor Sutherland on the bench. Personally think they need to go out on loan and gain experience in the lower leagues first. I'm not writing us off as relegation candidates yet. I have a lot of confidence in the management teams ability and if they think this group is good enough to compete at this level then great. It's still very early and these boys talent may well be at a level that supersedes having older players with experience. I just have a nagging feeling that we have misjudged our recruitment slightly by not bringing in another couple older heads in defence and midfield.
  14. Who was number 46? Is that a youth player or a really bad signing.
  15. Yeah, left Jakubiak out due to thinking he wasn't ready to start. O'Halloran has been very poor from what I've seen. Apparently was the same for the 9 games games played for Cove Rangers last season.
  16. Think Otoo is fine playing CB if it's the left of a back three but really got my doubts about him playing in a back four. Guessing we will go 4-2-3-1 tomorrow. ------------- Sharp---------- Comrie----Fisher---Otoo-----Edwards ---------Hamilton---Chalmers-------- Moffat--------Summers--------McCann --------------Wighton---------------- Bench- Little, Fenton, Allan, O'Halloran, Jakubiak, A Tod, T Sutherland
  17. That's awful.Thoughts go out to his friends and family. Nice to hear there was a tribute to the young lad
  18. Yeah. Not played the likes of Ayr, Morton,Arbroath etc.We've had a pretty difficult start of fixtures. ~Really need to sign strikers though.
  19. We were screaming out for a Matty Todd against Rovers. His energy and goal threat from an attacking midfield position would've unsettled that Rovers defence a bit more than we did and offered more support to an isolated Wighton. We've been desperately unlucky with injuries this season. Think we will be a side to fear once our recuitment is completed and we have all of our top players back. Not seen anything in this division to be too worried about when we are at full strength.
  20. Don't know much about Moffat must be decent to make the Celtic first team. With Moffat and Summers signing and KRH back, I'm not sure if the is room for Wotherspoon now. I would still take him as an option though.
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