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  1. Gentlemen, you are both bald. No need to fight over the right to use a comb. Can't we all just agree that Baby Jock is , as has been proven time and time again in Europe, scarcely capable of finding himself out let alone anyone else and that Steven Gerrard was a great player and nothing more. ?
  2. The ones good enough to play for the Japanese national team certainly did do alright on the world stage. Well done them !
  3. Oh they work alright, just not very well outside of Scotland. Exactly like Baby Jock, so that's a good match....... trebles all round
  4. 'On sale everywhere' too, which will save fruitless expidetions round the shops.
  5. Great service you get renting your colour set from Granada, means better TV that's why millions agree, rent Granada. !
  6. They should take the lot...a rolling audition. I'd also add Neil Lennon to the list
  7. I wouldn't get too cocky. All Rangers have to do is appoint a European manager whose team has brushed Postegoclu's Celtic aside with contemptous ease over the past couple of seasons. God knows there's plenty to choose from.
  8. Newsreaders who can't pronounce 'December' correctly ! You may be John McKay but December does not have a 'Z' in it.
  9. I'll enjoy the novelty of watching a football competition where we don't know who's going to win it before it starts.
  10. And thankfully the rest of us have seen 'your club' get beat, spanked, toyed with, humiliated, by a variety of European journeymen in recent seasons and have thoroughly enjoyed the ritual shredding of your laughable delusions of European grandeur. And with Baby Jock still at the helm the fun of seeing Celtic embarrassing themselves annually in Europe is guaranteed to last at least another season. So, we too, are good !!!!
  11. Shhhhh...... don't say that....thinking they alone are victims of some sinister anti-Celtic conspiracy makes them feel important and special. Don't take it away from them. It's all they've got !
  12. Another week, another collection of moans and wails and conspiracies from Celtic when they win . Such a joyless, souless existence being a Celtic supporter, you wonder why any lover of all that makes life worth living would bother putting themselves through such a hellish mill ....
  13. If the SFA sanction Neilson for that they'd have to do the same to Baby Jock for his similar outburst and they would never move against Celtic.
  14. He stepped into 'one o thae new fangilt time machines' on October 5th 1934 not expecting for a second it would work. Suddenly he's in goal for Falkirk in August 1962 and all his team mates look like Clark Gable or Gary Cooper. Little wonder he looks so pissed off. !
  15. Though the game itself may be no big deal I do feel the occasion, the anniversary is a massive thing. We don't tend to celebrate history very well in regards to football, indeed there's very little sense of the history of the game. Too much fixation on the SPFL / Premiership etc. The fact that all international football flows from that game in Glasgow in 1873 is mind-blowing. FIFA really should be getting behind this and flying over all the true greats of international football that are still alive to parade before the game to tell the world that Scotland gave international football to the world. 'Birthday Caird Pish' it may be, but when you consider how many people throughout the globe will, for good or ill, be touched by international football over the next few weeks I think that's something our wee country should be proud of.
  16. They are young... they know not of the ways of old. It certainly was the biggest match in the Scottish football calendar when I was growing up but id say the 1977 Wembley game was the last time that was true.
  17. Scottish plain bread....toasted under a gas grill. Beans, heat them as you like, or indeed cold.
  18. Routine win I suspect. I certainly hope so. Motherwell will try but Baby Jock's got Celtic purring very nicely on all cylinders, certainly on the home front. Motherwell 0, Celtic 5. Scorers ? Who cares. Willie Wallace ? Tommy Callaghan ? Vic Davidson ? Some new guy ? Either way it's C E L T I C Celtic, Celtic on the ball. !!
  19. A near perfect illustration of the workings of Postegoclu's mind on European nights.
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