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  1. He is too me....I'm more of a William Shakespeare, Paul McCartney fanboy to be honest !
  2. "Who did Robbie Coltrane really support ?" and Stuart telling us about some nonentity going into Glasgow to buy a Cure LP with "a ten bob note".... They're firing on all cylinders today !
  3. Always intrigued me that you never saw John Greig & Keith Richards in the same room during the 1970's.
  4. "Celtic supporters broke down a gate" ? How dare you even suggest such a thing. !
  5. In this instance I look forward to them talking about the Champions League for an hour to hammer home to everyone just how garbage Celtic & Rangers really are.
  6. I would say that a Sevco pumping combined with a good old fashioned 'Fail Fail' in the most intimidating stadium in the galaxy a mere 24 hrs previously is the kind of double whammy we can all get behind.
  7. Let's be honest, watching a 73 year old man getting some silly jewels placed on his head may be a disgraceful method of appointing a head of state in a 21st Century democracy but it sounds much more gripping viewing than what passes for top flight football in this country.
  8. Routine Celtic domestic victory to follow on from routine Celtic European defeat.
  9. No, I'm accusing you of being a secterian for supporting a secterian football club not for having an opinion on a game of football.
  10. In the immortal words of Josef K......."Sorry for laughing, there's too much happening"...
  11. 'Journalistic content' requires journalists not barely literate half-wits who happened to have played professional football. Why the football media persist with this idea that the likes of Bonnar, Biscuits, Alan Rough, Neil McCann, Derek Johnstone, Willie Miller etc etc know more about football and are better at talking about it than non ex-pros just because they played the game for money baffles me. How much rubbish do they have to incoherently splutter before someone realises that they actually don't know what they're talking about ?
  12. Celtic minded gobbledygook aims at subtle humour and succeeds marvellously/fails pathetically according to where on the virtuous ladder of secterian stupidity one sits, claims source close to the Bishop of Buenos Aires.
  13. Not being Argentinian I cannot comment on River Plate & Boca Juniors corrosive or otherwise effect on their country but what I do know is that Scottish football and more importantly Scottish society, would be in an infinitely more pleasant place if Glasgow Rangers & Glasgow Celtic did not exist.
  14. My view in the Lisbon Lions is fairly straightforward. They were the greatest club side Scotland has produced and their achievement was the greatest by a Scottish club. However they are not the greatest club side the world has produced and their acheivment is not the greatest in world club history....so basically overrated by most Celtic fans and underrated by most fans of other Scottish clubs
  15. I find it hard to believe that anyone told anyone that last seasons' Rangers were akin to the Lisbon Lions. They both reached a European final but there the comparison very much ends.
  16. Is your life is fuelled by bitterness too ? Maybe we could set up a support group ?
  17. My rule of thumb, and it certainly seems to work with Cowan, is that anyone on TV or radio who refers to jokes as 'gags' is invariably about as funny as a I am.
  18. Oh Indeed. I'm specifically referring to the Piro penalty however, where wee Joe behaved pathetically and got totally embarrassed and deservedly so. Other keepers would no doubt have been 'Pirlo'd' as well but not behaved like an infantile wee dick in the process. And that, certainly in his home country where people give not one jot about Glasgow Celtic, is the undisputed highlight of Joey's CV. That, and shampoo ads.
  19. But of course Celtic beating a clearly knackered Leeds United in 1970 is salivated over yet again. !
  20. Yes . Joe Hart. Never forget his infantile dicking about to 'unnerve' Pirlo before being contemptously 'pannenkad' like the pathetic little boy child he is. Laugh at wee Joe. Laugh at him long and laugh at him loud !
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