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  1. I did a have a 2 year spell like that just before Houston, where I went to about 2-3 games only (later era of Pressley and Holt) but then Houston got things going again and I was back when I was able to go.
  2. Also, I can see a very lengthy break coming for myself soon enough. Other things in life to get my teeth into. I’ll always look out for the result come what may, but it’s definitely on my radar.
  3. Oh no, to make it clear, I am aware we’re looking at an Airdrie-esque scenario square in the face now except with a support that holds up (no dig intended there). Oh no, Hamilton are down, they will be too strong next season. Oh no, Queen of the South have assembled a decent squad, maybe next season Club such and such have had heavy investment….. And so on and so on……
  4. Why an automatic no to Paul? Ricey eventually became his own man. What’s Paul’s reputation? Is he more of a cones guy or more to offer?
  5. PB pet hate - fans who come out with the above and don’t add to it.
  6. Let’s do an Airdriemedia and do the comeback (going one goal further than what Celtic managed years ago against Artmetia (?).
  7. I hear a lot of “1%” chance of success on Saturday, I wonder what the percentage actually is if such a statistical equation exists (like what they do in test cricket when they show percentages of win, lose or draw between both sides as the game goes on/draws to a close).
  8. Not necessarily if any of those points were taken off Dunfermline, who’d therefore be worse off, but I see your point. The Kelty 0-0 home game is one particular game where I really think we should’ve got a decision.
  9. Kind of hope you do as well. Like I say, I would like a bit of a proper rivalry between us and Airdrie to start again just due to proximity as much as anything else. I’ve never really bought into the Dunfermline hatred thing myself, get one up then yeah but to a point. On the other side of the coin, I’d like the Falkirk/Airdrie thing to grow more (unlikely as it is by anymore than where it’s at just now).
  10. It was the same last night as at Hampden. He was waving to come off there and though I don’t think he did that last night, he was stretching his quad early in the second half, just like his antics at Hampden. Why wasn’t he, at the very, very least, replaced by Finn Yeats at half time? (whose performance I actually enjoyed last night, a proper kind of full back display).
  11. Tom Taiwo was hard working and tough tackling but still a bit away from bruiser.
  12. Lee Miller with his ariel ability could be a shout but maybe clutching at straws.
  13. If anyone is up for it and changing tact slightly, bruisers came up earlier. How many bruisers have we had over the years? More specifically 80s onwards. And I’m talking bruiser with some effectiveness. I’m thinking Yogi and big Craw for starters.
  14. Almost like a manager from another team pinning it up on the changing room door before a game against us as extra motivation for them.
  15. Yeah, Ive thought about Henderson up top. He’s proven to be versatile already. Something with a curveball element to it.
  16. I think they’d drop but can see it still holding with average gate still at 3000. Unlike an Airdrie whose attendances are small for whatever reason, there’s an almost macabre reason why Falkirk fans keep turning up in numbers.
  17. Doing Airdrie a disservice (I’ve had a look on the BBC website, it’s a quiet day for me hence my feverish activity on PB) and their gates range between 900 odd against a Clyde or Peterhead to 1100 odd against higher opposition before it comes to ourselves and Dunfermline so not too awful. 600 must’ve been the real dark times.
  18. We can talk about numbers and populations etc til the cows come home, Airdrie having a home support of around 600 just seems odd for the size of place, even factoring recent history. 1000 with maybe 50-200 away fans and there wouldn’t be a conversation.
  19. Yeah, definitely a factor, though sweet spot is a tad strong. Plenty of Old Firm stranglehold round here. In saying that, there was a good local Airdrie backing once upon a time…..
  20. Give me 3 or 4 bruisers, some nifty full backs and wingers and Declan McManus and we’d absolutely skoosh this league. Oh, and a decent keeper.
  21. Ever since I’ve been going to Falkirk games, we’ve always lacked a bruiser. Yogi was the one and only really and was great but out injured/suspended half the time and he was a hybrid defender/midfield bruiser. Just imagine two bruisers in the team
  22. Fair point. I just jumped to M and M too quickly. I’m scarred, man, scarred.
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