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  1. I’d even add latter-day Houston to that list sadly.
  2. Yeah but all the bitter stuff about clubs dying comes through more. Of course we got pumped last night, we were 5-0 down at half-time!!
  3. You are taking the bait though. It’s optics, we’ve been roundly humped. Talking about clubs dying years ago the day after we’ve just been scudded is more grim than our performance last night.
  4. I’d keep him for next season by the way, then 100% get rid at the end of next season, champions, promotion or not. It should be a weaker league next season and I can’t see another Dunfermline style domination or a Airdrie team that is capable of scoring so freely. His remit is to get us up, if not this season then next season. Improvement has been made this season, zero excuses next season (then let the contract run out).
  5. I’m not going into our defensive misgivings but I wish we’d drop the tippy tappy/hesitant style and play a more counter-attacking style. Ideally it would be more possession based but I’m sick of watching our teams in recent years making a hash of it. Just keep it tight at the back, let the other team do what we’ve been doing and when it breaks down, hit them fast and effectively. Just like Airdrie in that first half.
  6. He does have a point about the “it’s all about us” comments players (Scott Brown springs to mind) or fans make. It’s a shitey thing to come out with, especially in a game with not much between the teams.
  7. I do think there’s a place for slower build-up like taking the sting out of a game if winning or even having a breather if it’s been a hectic game but generally, I agree, we’re too slow.
  8. Kieran Duffie maybe but to be honest, I’d go as far back as Jack Ross!
  9. How many away fans made the trip approx? Total attendance was 684. Must be the lowest league attendance we’ve been involved in in a long time.
  10. I don’t know if “stability” exists to be honest anymore. The leagues are small and newer clubs like ICT, Ross County and Livingston seem to have established themselves along with the other provincial clubs. If we go up next season I’d make survival the priority and take it from there.
  11. It’s not “completely ludicrous”, there could get a club legend come in for example to give a stuttering club a lift. I don’t think we should though
  12. Anyone else slightly relieved about todays outcome in hindsight (I expect pelters)? No distraction for the play-offs (this is huge considering how fragile our confidence is after our recent run of form) No gubbings from one of the arse cheeks Which means avoiding a FOURTH Scottish Cup Final defeat in 26 years A day at Hampden felt like a bonus after the run we got to get to the semi-finals The biggest disappointment is loss of revenue in some ways. As someone said, days at Hampden should not be taken for granted but given the circumstances with the play offs, I think a final on the back burner, given what’s coming up, would’ve been too much for our squad.
  13. I wouldn’t quite go scratch, I’d have Oliver in a 10 and Burrell in a 9 and get them linking up and then sub them after 60 minutes. Or even just the first half. Something to build on if we need it even at this late stage.
  14. I like your optimism. So you’re ruling out 10th?
  15. I’d recommend you do, you’ll not be disappointed (well actually you will be).
  16. Yeah you’re right, full-backs are usually that bit more further forward. McKay has gone missing there.
  17. Defensively, McCann has been found wanting recently. As I said recently in this forum. I’m convinced we’re going to shed goals in the upcoming playoffs (soft ones at that ), so we’re just going to have outscore teams rather than nick it.
  18. I’d go as far as to say that what he’s done there is as bad as what Durnan did at Patrick a couple of seasons back. He’s spotted the danger and he’s done feck all about it!
  19. The third goal was just really poor defending from McKay. McGlynn said Billy Mackay “peeled” off him but McKay is just not picking up his man for me. He’s not even close to contesting the cross in the end. He’s actually looked at him twice then points at McCann to pick him up!
  20. Disagree. Give him the play-offs. You also casually suggested plenty of alternatives out there, care to name them?
  21. Fair enough last season, but pretty hollow “get it up yous” coming from us when we were absolutely rank ourselves. A good get it up you is when one club is on the up and the other is struggling.
  22. Which matters not a jot to some people who support Manchester United and live in a small town in Scotland.
  23. I know, I know, I’m not inclined too either but like the guy said it is a multi-forum and rivalry/banter is part and parcel of it so probably best not to get too precious about it (which I’ve been guilty of myself in the past). Ideally, it should have some wit to it mind you.
  24. How long has this forum been around?. I’m scratching my head when we could genuinely “get it up yous” (that would take hours of reading anyway). Mid 00s perhaps with Stokes/Gow/Latapy etc?. Semis against Dunfermline in 09’?
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