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  1. The Steward incident has actually been interesting in the context of the "Scots complaining about referees all the time" thing. What you never (well, I can't remember it anyway) see is a procession of former Scottish internationals lining up to throw their toys out the pram when a decision goes against them. I don't think even in the wake of the 2015 QF did you see anything like the last few days. Apparently rugby is being "ruined" by the current tackle laws now that England have had a borderline case go against them. Of course, in reality rugby, and in particular international rugby, is a more exciting and high quality sport than it ever has been in the professional era; and there is next to no grounds to suggest that red cards ruin games. I think the orange card rule is an ok idea, but ultimately it's completely unnecessary.
  2. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but I've watched it again and you're at it if you believe "all the force" is from Keenan. This also, thank goodness, is not the NFL, so I'm not really interested how the sport with even worse head injury history than rugby manages things. "And I will put whatever I like in quotes thank you very much"
  3. Sorry, in that case you're wrong. There is definitely force from steward there, hence why young Mr Keenan is now off having failed a HIA. There should be, and are, limits on how attackers play. For example, chuck a forearm in someone's throat or face and see what happens to you. However, when someone approaches you with the ball and you either attempt to, or do, stop them, it is absolutely the defender's responsibility to ensure the safety of their opponent. It's also why "well he was wriggling around" won't help you very much if you spear tackle someone onto their head; or (as we used to get pinged for all the time against Biggar) "well he's just chucking himself through the air and I'm standing still" doesn't mean you haven't endangered someone contesting a high ball. So sorry, the ball carrier dipping slightly is not mitigation unless the tackler is at least attempting to change his own body height.
  4. There's pretty much nothing wrong with the rules imo, there's very rarely incidents where a genuine mistake is made, and a lot of bad faith "he threw his head at him!" Like the above. The best case for mitigation there is what, that Stewart thought he was going to kick/it's a "rugby incident" (an incredibly ill defined concept which always seems to just be used for special pleasing purposes)? So it's ok to try and charge down a kick by jumping shoulder first at someone's head?
  5. Clive embarrassing himself a bit here, whether you like it or not that's a red every day of the week.
  6. The entire Irish rugby media/social media reacted to Scottish people saying "we will really struggle to beat Ireland but we're really good" with thinly-veiled Kevin Keegan shit as if we were talking ourselves up. On the flip side, the couple of Irish rugby fans I'm pally with aren't like that at all and were a good laugh/magnanimous about last week, so I don't think it's representative of your "man in the street". To me it's mainly mental media stuff whereas ours often still acts as if we should be delighted to win more than the odd game
  7. It's amazing how England can have such an advantage in pro teams and be left with awful options in some positions. Never going to stay fit but have to pick Manu when he is; big huddy Alex Dombrant at 8?!
  8. Think they are different, if similar posters. Pretty sure Vincent lives in the UK whereas JTS was a sex tourist in Malaysia
  9. Very good and well explained decision there by Jaco. Of course Darcy thinks the held up -> goal line drop is a poor change
  10. Always a beamer to follow up something as good as soldier's song with "Ireland's call"
  11. Yeah. I'm slightly delirious with the flu but I was thinking there he's the type of guy who Ireland and France maybe look at when they're 18/19 and go - that young FH/FB who's generally skillful, big, strong, very fast and hard to stop - well he's a back row now
  12. That's my slightly contrarian thought on Kinghorn at the moment. he's not actually a great FB either, has some issues in that position as well. He's an excellent athlete and natural rugby player, but he's just not very rugby smart imo, so him starting anywhere you're going to see big issues in his game. I still think wing is where he's played his best rugby for Scotland, but FB over FH every time. If he was more coachable you'd even say 12 could be his best position.
  13. Yeah has been doing my nut in all half. Not just the pictures, he's ahead of the ref's whistle as well
  14. They're still old and in decline but this is starting to look like a very Warren Gatland Wales team
  15. Poor Michele, feel for them. We've had a fair few of those in the unbeaten streak where all of a sudden their carrying game looks completely irrepressible for 25/30 mins and we struggle to contain them. Think there's an element of not having the players to play their style outside 10 when they have injuries to the likes of Capuozzo, Padavani, ioane and Minozzi
  16. He was doing the job everyone was saying they wanted an 8 to do for Scotland for the last five/ten years. Quick look at the stats there he made 80 metres from 13 carries (52m from 13 carries for schoeman, as a comparison), and 9 more tackles than any other Scot.
  17. Nah he's pretty raw and gives away pens but he was an excellent carrier for most of that game
  18. Not quite how I envisaged it 45 mins in
  19. Watson's just back from injury though, no? The bigger pity is him and Darge both being out meani g we've had to rush him back. There's a good chance he can raise his game again, at least short term, but the amount he puts his body through could be past the end of his peak now
  20. Lads we've had at least two instances of Johnny Gray attacking off turnover ball in this game. Not sure how much more excitement I can handle
  21. I did know he wasn't playing but after those last two passes my heads been going "lol, Barney" (ETA Varney ffs)
  22. We'll get a BP win here, with only third to play for, against a team desperate to win a game this year, with two of our most important players missing. We've scored three tries after 45 minutes against a very decent team. Not sure what more people are looking for in the circumstances
  23. We were definitely lucky to get them, as well as a couple of decisions. Fagersons turnover pen at the end his hands go beyond and he's pretty much stood on his head. Almost like now we're the bigger team we're getting the run of the ref!
  24. I know he's important to their defence and whatever but how shite is Brex. I feel like he makes a mistake attacking in the 22 every week. Big mad flappy bird of a guy
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