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  1. Lasers = bad, but seems ok for a 16yo to be using an industrial chainsaw to fell a massive sycamore. Funny old world.
  2. Is that a new album of unreleased music by The Smiths?
  3. Rookie mistake. Should have stuck to bashing the bishop.
  4. Out walking on the approach to Loughrigg and saw this perched on a wall Seems the nearest Starbucks is in Penrith, 20 miles away
  5. Just had a bill from my lawyer. Unbelievable . "For crossing the road to speak with you then finding it wasn't you - £35.00".
  6. Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you. Groucho
  7. Didn't affect the career of Bob Hope, though.
  8. Well, he's certainly removed now.
  9. Would've been if it wasn't for are brave lads.
  10. Ahem, ellipses is plural of ellipsis, so 'an' is not needed. Oh, and a comma after ellipses.
  11. Frida Kahlo's Visit to the Tay Bridge Bar by the brilliant and greatly missed Michael Marra.
  12. Wait, what? Quick, call the Balloon Engineers Trains in and out of Glasgow have been disrupted after a balloon got caught in overhead wires. ScotRail confirmed that services around the city were delayed on Monday after the inflatable got caught above the tracks outside Queen Street Station. Engineers have been dispatched to the scene to attempt to remove the balloon.
  13. Not much point playing strikers if the game plan is to just blooter it upfield on the off chance it finds somebody. Looking promising if you've got McCallum in the Red Card sweep, though.
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