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  1. That's over egging it somewhat, I'd say. He opened a florists. He done the deliveries.
  2. The Derry visit Sharkheid in what promises to be a blockbuster. The high cost, multi million assembled home side hold a clear advantage over their visitors but will it be enough? Tune in at the weekend. This could get explosive.
  3. I used to love watching it years ago on EuroSport. When the fûck did Tahiti become a force!? .. Portugal and Brazil were the boys, understandably. The utter madness of players constantly trying scissor and overhead kicks was hilarious.
  4. He must have shacked up in the Ferry/Monifieth. He's always wandering about down there. He's certainly become more grounded since the band split. Either thar or he remembers me standing laughing at my mate boot shite out three of them.
  5. I'd leave her Bairn motherless, tbh. Rat behaviour.
  6. @johnnydun, you're from drehbruh, nobody from drehbruh attends Court. Rubber them, dodge the polis! Dont let the scheme down!
  7. It's a gutter for Frenchy as not only did we pay cash and he was very decent but he's also the best looking cųnt in Scottish futba.
  8. Boys ja' is absolutely rattling. Get him in the fucking jail before he kills some cûnt.
  9. I'm not sure. He did get quite some height when Kevin Thomson nailed him straight after kick off in the 3-1 game at Dens.
  10. Marr's in Dundee quite a bit. Got family in Carnoustie/Monifieth. Can usually be found trotting around the Westie. I'm not sure if he's involved or it's his family but sure there's a tie in with that Spex Postols behind what was the Globe.
  11. Yes. We split families up into £10 seats and £16 seats. All at the discretion of the turnstile op. One of the many perks, alongside cushions fluffed with tenners.
  12. Silly Imogen. Got a bit wreckless on the puro there, hen.
  13. Depends on your bank. Now its usually £300 max transaction in one go. I can lift £500 a day.
  14. At this point of euphoria I'm not even sure it was a pizza
  15. Haud on, I'm still celebrating somecųnt coming in and within 6 months looking at Kerr and Ashcroft and going "What the fûck are you twa getting wages at this illustrious club fir!?". I need about a week of bevvy, booked holidays the lot. Let is perty this sway first man fucksake.
  16. Tell you what, its brilliant not being in the Chanpionship. Having wee read around topics and there's teams fans gloating at another teams fans because they pipped then to the signing of Lee Ashcroft Lee fucking Ashcroft for fûck sake.
  17. Good luck to the big huddy. He will shore up your defence a bit and chip in with a few goals at the other end. Championship is very much his level and he's pretty gash on the ball. No excuse not to win the league now.
  18. Has he improved - or - has he just dragged the lot of you down to that level?
  19. I've never said cops are c***s. I've said the ones I know hold little to no common sense. I work with them, I've seen them jam big roller doors open in armed parts of Aberdeen AND Dundee and walk sway leaving guns etc in the open cars and lockers unattended. If that's how comfortable they are with what may or may not occur due to their actions then I for one wouldn't want the rest of my life decided by them when there is an actual situation on the go.
  20. I'm considering doing a day in ibiza later in the year. My only worry is being in no fit state to get the flight back.
  21. This is the type of game Murray does well in. He's the type of boy you want in a dogfight. Relentless and a nuisance but in turn, it is the fact you sign players like him being the reason you're in a dogfight. Keep him quiet, it's Livi's to lose. Hopefully Livi pick up all three points as it would make it a very interesting run up to the end of the season.
  22. I've no idea if she's hoping it to be sung at Parkhead or whether it's the account (re)tweeting it. Hopefully the former and she's successful. Would be stunning to hear.
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