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  1. This is true, only ever seen them as Gellions down the Bught I haven't looked at their squad at all but could it be something to do with EU countries and our current 'situation'? I know a lot of Polish lads play up there
  2. Fair enough, didn't read too much into it at the time. Maybe I'm being harsh on the SFA, clubs needs to get the basics sorted too. It will blow the league wide open once the points come off, can't see Invergordon or even FW dropping too many points. The rest of the league seem to be fighting it out a step below them
  3. Looks like the SFA database isn't fit for purpose... Or Loch Ness are at it. BoD took their punishment on the chin as have the countless EoS and WoS teams who have messed up over the last year or 2
  4. Almost feel responsible for this... Went to my 1st Berwick game in 2002 in the Hutchie/Wood days and Berwick were flying in Div2. They got smashed 0-2 by a poor East Fife team in a crap game and none of us seem to have recovered Genuinely hope things settle down as everyone I met back then were brilliant. It doesn't mater what level you are playing, having your club is the most important thing. All these part-time fans from Deeper Engerland blaming the Scottish Leagues for being so poor and completly missing the flaw in their arguments are pretty hilarious though!
  5. Buckie took a fishing boat to Wick to play them in a Qualifying Cup game back when Wick didn't have a League and would play a sort of Caithness Select. If I can find the article I read about it, I'll try and post it later
  6. I think TVs might be broken when the BBC goons do their next live early round Scottish Cup game and you have washed up ex-pros talking about how much the cup means to them and how important the early rounds are... You would never know the 1st round happened today!
  7. Someone needs to tell them the Scottish Cup 1st Round is today. Not a mention ANYWHERE about it so far unless I missed it!
  8. Could've worded that a bit better HJ What is the rule with playing u16s? Have they changed recently? I noticed even amatuer teams only signing over 16/18s now for the insurance etc but I imagine there are a few other new laws regarding it too. I definitely played my 1st (legit) amatuer league game at 15, played as a trailist at 14 with a few mates so either our team was dodgy or it was allowed in 2002. I definitely put my real DoB on the form from what I remember!
  9. Largs Thistle 1-2 Hurlford United Troon 2-3 Arthurlie Maybole Juniors 4-0 Whitletts Victoria Muirkirk Juniors 1-1 Glasgow University Dalry Thistle 5-3 Kilsyth Athletic Newmains United 1-4 Knightswood
  10. Was actually thinking about a cup game a couple of seasons ago, but it wasn't you... can't remember who it was. Anyhoo, it's closer to home being away this time so hopefully I can make an attempt at attending this one
  11. FFS not again. Play this mob more than half our division
  12. Yeah it’s a different world in Helmsdale I suppose! No idea if there was a crossover in players and tbh I wasn’t really being serious. What Dev is saying is a lot more likely. I genuinely hope Clach either avoid it, or drop down, sort their sh!t out and regroup again. The banter was funny for a couple of seasons but it getting boring now. Clach need to be at the top of the HL. I can’t see Strathspey changing from the Juniors either so it’s only really Clach or Wick that are in danger just now
  13. Better I’m sure 2 of the refereeing team were actually applauded off the park. The structure the SFA have for refs is flawed, that’s my argument. As much as they made mistakes, and looking back weren’t great, we used to produce the best referees in the world. Other countries have left us for dead because the SFA haven’t evolved with the game or gave much of a toss about new referees coming through until now when the shit is about to hit the fan
  14. While I agree there is something fundamentally wrong with the way the SFA are training refs, the Maltese and other refs who subbed when our refs went on strike showed that, the argument that "they aren't ready" only points one way... So who is ready and do we just postpone League 2 or League 1 games because there aren't enough tier 4 standard refs in the country? The amateurs will be delighted as it will be more refs available lower down and it won't be them having 3 weeks off because the league can't find them a ref
  15. 4ish games in, everyone has a league win and Bonar are looking decent. Unbelievable turnaround considering the state of the league a few years ago with 6 teams and Dornoch/Sutherland getting skelped every weekend. Is a return of Bunillidh a step too far? The ammys are doing well in the NW league
  16. Ach... Rebuild for next season then?! (again!)
  17. It's a 2 horse race in the banter stakes between Darvel and Johnstone. Both are predictably starting to fall apart but credit to Johnstone by managing it within the first year of their WoS dominance! Others haven't started well but will rebuild like they always do within budgets, while these 2 head cases will continue to throw daft money at players who really don't give a sh!t... I'm not even annoyed at Lafferety taking the piss out of Burgh. They deserve it after the way he was signed/announced
  18. I stopped predicting you to win after the 14th let down. I did consider it but thought Ben's were more on form... and you couldn't even beat Penicuik
  19. Clydebank 2-0 Beith Juniors Benburb 3-1 Rutherglen Glencairn Johnstone Burgh 4-2 Kilbirnie Ladeside Lanark United 1-4 Cambuslang Rangers Threave Rovers 2-2 Bonnyton Thistle Vale of Leven 1-3 Kilwinning Rangers
  20. They've only just got the work done on the ground. The turnaround in the short time has been unreal and they seemed to have even kept the support onside throughout, so I imagine it'll be on the list after a well earned breather
  21. Auchinleck Talbot 2-1 Arthurlie Hurlford United 2-0 Pollok Neilston 1-1 Renfrew Forth Wanderers 2-3 Kilsyth Rangers Ardeer Thistle 2-2 Irvine Victoria Lugar Boswell Thistle 4-2 Easterhouse
  22. As much as I'm all for "ventilation" and preferably a base of 3/3 (depending on the usual factors) up and down, I can't disagree. No one has come up with a valid way of working a potential 3 promotion places for 6 tier to the LL that I have seen yet. I also agree clubs should be licenced to enter tier 5. No expectations, unless completely guaranteed i.e Bonnyrigg. Too many fraudsters about with empty promises that have already been accepted into the league system and are stinking the place out
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