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  1. You’ll get a good one on bbc iPlayer. Murray got asked about the bench celebrating the goal and replied with ‘better not tell Dunfermline about that’
  2. Livi’s pitch seems to come in for a lot of criticism by top flight clubs but I’m pretty certain it’s exactly the same surface as ours. Even installed by the same company.
  3. Yeah ours is 3G although it’s a top spec one. The difference between 3 and 4G is that the 4’s don’t have any ‘infill’ so no rubber crumb etc.
  4. I heard on the podcast that Lewis Vaughan is the highest scorer in Raith V Dunfermline derbies. I was quite surprised by that fact. Is that definitely true?
  5. Same. Its more of an inconvenience to the atmosphere of the game when you end up with delays to play or when fans start arguing with fellow fans for hitting them with one!
  6. If you’ve got that formation from Sky Sports then it’ll be nonsense.
  7. I’m surprised at how many people think we will start with Corr and O’reilly at the back. I’d put money on it being Brown and not Corr at the back. I think Stanton will drop deeper and McGill might possibly come back into the midfield.
  8. So when does Ross Millen serve his suspension? Is it just the one game?
  9. Well that was interesting. Murray starting Gullan and Hamilton, presumably to get minutes into their legs while saving Vaughan and Smith for next week. Such was their impact, I’d be starting both of them against the Pars now.
  10. Well it was Euan Murray who was beaten in the air. If anyone is weak at defending corners into the box, it certainly isn’t him. Sometimes you just have to applaud the delivery. It was on the money.
  11. Who do I have to sleep with around here to get Tx on one of those podcasts?
  12. Enjoyed that game today, definitely a hard fought point. Well played to the United fans who turned up in good numbers. The ones we met in the pub before the game were a sound bunch too! Really glad for big Kev in goals, he seems to have put his early season erratic displays behind him!
  13. I really enjoyed the first one. Will listen to this one on the drive home tonight! Keep them coming
  14. For me, probably just pipped by Didier Agathe’s hat trick that never was. The dictionary definition of a cult hero!
  15. Don’t disagree with your comments about Byrne but as the weeks go by I can’t help but wondering why Sam Stanton isnt keeping De Bruyne out that Man City team.
  16. I’m a bit worried at this lineup and personnel. A formation and starting eleven that we haven’t seen before. Also not overly happy that Hamilton has presumably been the fall guy for last week. If we get a win then it’s a genius move but I’m not too confident now.
  17. I’d echo the comment about Smith. He’s fast and direct. We needed that kind of support on Saturday. We also need to get Connolly back up to speed too.
  18. Young players need to be better than those ahead of them to get in the side. As promising at Arnott is, he’s well down the pecking order. Murray favours a massively high tempo in the middle of the park. Brown and Byrne press hard then move the ball on quickly. Even Spencer and Hendry wouldn’t have fitted into his current style.
  19. The biggest compliment I can give Byrne is that we have now pretty much forgotten about Matthews. We wouldn’t have been saying that if we had still been shoe horning Stanton or Easton into that position. Dabrowski was MOTM for me. A fine performance from him!
  20. Our quality of model has certainly changed since Tom Lang left!
  21. I think, whatever way you look at it, we are too heavy in that department and none of the players will be happy at being on the bench. Personally if anyone was going to go out on loan I’d have preferred it to have been Gullan. Ross offers something that none of our other players do.
  22. Without wanting to fall down a rabbit hole with the next 5 pages discussing sectarianism, was releasing the orange strip on the 12th deliberate or a stupid mistake?
  23. Can’t wait till Inverness beat us, Dabrowski drops one in and McGill has a howler at full back so we can get back to moaning about fitba stuff on here again!
  24. It’s a hard one for the club to police. I’m not sure how they would go about it. We can’t very well ask people not to bring Union flags to games. I’d rather see this be self policed by fans.
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