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  1. I’d echo the comment about Smith. He’s fast and direct. We needed that kind of support on Saturday. We also need to get Connolly back up to speed too.
  2. Young players need to be better than those ahead of them to get in the side. As promising at Arnott is, he’s well down the pecking order. Murray favours a massively high tempo in the middle of the park. Brown and Byrne press hard then move the ball on quickly. Even Spencer and Hendry wouldn’t have fitted into his current style.
  3. The biggest compliment I can give Byrne is that we have now pretty much forgotten about Matthews. We wouldn’t have been saying that if we had still been shoe horning Stanton or Easton into that position. Dabrowski was MOTM for me. A fine performance from him!
  4. Our quality of model has certainly changed since Tom Lang left!
  5. I think, whatever way you look at it, we are too heavy in that department and none of the players will be happy at being on the bench. Personally if anyone was going to go out on loan I’d have preferred it to have been Gullan. Ross offers something that none of our other players do.
  6. Without wanting to fall down a rabbit hole with the next 5 pages discussing sectarianism, was releasing the orange strip on the 12th deliberate or a stupid mistake?
  7. Can’t wait till Inverness beat us, Dabrowski drops one in and McGill has a howler at full back so we can get back to moaning about fitba stuff on here again!
  8. It’s a hard one for the club to police. I’m not sure how they would go about it. We can’t very well ask people not to bring Union flags to games. I’d rather see this be self policed by fans.
  9. Although Hamilton hasn’t been scoring, I think he’s key to the way we play. At the very least it keeps others in their natural positions. When it’s Vaughan or Gullan playing in the lone striker role, they tend to drift out wide, crossing the ball into the space where they should have been.
  10. While I’d love to agree with all of that, let’s see where we are in two years time if we can’t get out this league. Maybe I’m a pessimist but I do worry about where the money is coming from for everything that we are doing both on and off the park.
  11. Did anyone else notice in the highlights, the final replay of the goal, Dylan Easton shoulder barges into one of the QP players during the celebration? Lovely stuff!
  12. He will probably drop that too! I’m hoping Ethan Ross gets a start on Saturday. He’s changed every game he’s come on in so far.
  13. Gordon Strachan said something similar during his time as Scotland manager. He said genetics played a big part in why we were less physically able than some of the other countries. At the time he got a lot of stick for it but he’s definitely got a point.
  14. Wonder how Matty Todd’s hearing is? Hopefully it’s recovered.
  15. Of all our summer business, Byrne may well be the most important of the lot! What a player!
  16. I’d imagine that if he was going to be suspended for Saturday then we would have appealed it in which case he would have been eligible. The fact we haven’t makes me think it’ll be next season’s cup tie he will miss and IM isn’t too bothered!
  17. Guido is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. Commanding your area isn’t always about running out for every cross though. It’s about organising the defenders. I’m hoping that all comes in time.
  18. He needs to be Dabr-offski was my favourite one so far! It was always going to be hard for whoever took over from Jamie Macdonald.
  19. You could probably add Ethan Ross into the mix as well. He must be pushing for a start soon. How do you pick one between Easton, Vaughan and Stanton though? Two match winners and a rolls royce
  20. A set piece and a dodgy bit of goalkeeping. I might change my mind on it once I see it back on the highlights but it looked like the second goal went right under his body. Can’t fault the team on their efforts today though. Hibs are a strong side and we matched them for large parts of it.
  21. I genuinely can’t think of any other business where you have the supply and the demand but for some reason, won’t sell!
  22. So it’s clear where the issues with him not commanding his box come from. They are actually tying him to the goal line!
  23. I certainly prefer the commentary on the Raith TV highlights. If I was being picky, I’d probably prefer them to do a summary commentary like Scotsport etc used to do for the shortened reels where they would explain what was about to take place. That’s more work for the guys though so wouldn’t expect it.
  24. I was watching on Raith Tv today. It wasn’t a penalty. I actually think that’s what changed the game a bit. Morton players became incensed by the decision and the game became a bit ‘agricultural’. Thankfully with players like Watson, Murray, Brown and perhaps Byrne in the side, we can give as good as we get now.
  25. I’d almost forgotten about Aidan Connolly and I’d all but given up on Ethan Ross. What a squad we have!
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