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  1. 2 hours ago, Always next quarter said:

    Was just going to post that too, I want to hear the managers take and indeed anything available on that performance.

    Ended up next to the "choir" last night and thought it would break me for 90 minutes. Left smiling at kids getting exactly what a great football team should be giving them. 

    What a laugh it is watching Rovers. 

    You’ll get a good one on bbc iPlayer. Murray got asked about the bench celebrating the goal and replied with ‘better not tell Dunfermline about that’

  2. 3 hours ago, Langtounlaud said:

    Is the pitch not due for renewal soon? Hopefully the board has money ringfenced for it. Don't want it to end up like Livi's threadbare carpet 

    Livi’s pitch seems to come in for a lot of criticism by top flight clubs but I’m pretty certain it’s exactly the same surface as ours. Even installed by the same company.

  3. 1 minute ago, buchan30 said:

    Does nothing for me. Not there to watch the game through tons of smoke in the same way I wouldn’t enjoy watching a game in thick fog. 
    Nearly hits the keeper, delays the start of the game and his someone in the crowd of “your own fans”. Excuse me if I don’t find the positives. Even if it is trying to create a blue and white screen of smoke, its not that co-ordinated. 

    Same. Its more of an inconvenience to the atmosphere of the game when you end up with delays to play or when fans start arguing with fellow fans for hitting them with one!

  4. 2 hours ago, Broken Algorithms said:

    We're back for episode 2 with a few new (but familiar) faces to cover off a preview of the Saturday's game, thoughts on the singing section and a look back to some of the best goals scored into the North Stand of Stark's Park. 

    Links here for audio only versions. Just a word of warning, the audio at the outro is a bit loud (David Latto kindly sent over higher quality audio files and I've forgot to change them to match the podcast).


    I really enjoyed the first one. Will listen to this one on the drive home tonight! Keep them coming 👏

  5. 25 minutes ago, pantene proV said:

    Give Murray his due, dropping Hamilton and going for fast quick interplay up front with every player swapping positions worked a treat. Excellent 1st half display.

    2nd half we knew Ayr would come out fighting, and they did it well up to a point. Once they realised we wouldn't back down from their physicality they popped back into their shells and we saw the game out. 

    Special praise for Shaun Byrne - my man of the match. What a shift as the sole holding player today. He's a guy you love to hate in opposition but as your player you can see the experience he brings to breaking up the opponent's play. You have to admire the way he "obtains" fouls too 🤣

    Don’t disagree with your comments about Byrne but as the weeks go by I can’t help but wondering why Sam Stanton isnt keeping De Bruyne out that Man City team.

  6. 5 hours ago, TxRover said:

     IM seems less committed to youth than JMcG was, but that may be a factor of the loss of Fife Elite and future B team plans.

    Young players need to be better than those ahead of them to get in the side. As promising at Arnott is, he’s well down the pecking order. 

    Murray favours a massively high tempo in the middle of the park. Brown and Byrne press hard then move the ball on quickly. Even Spencer and Hendry wouldn’t have fitted into his current style.

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