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  1. Typical falkirk fan?  Its only common sense that if u are paying someone off the deal will be less than its going to cost you in wages to keep him. Otherwise there is no point in  letting him go.  We've paid off enough dross over the last few seasons that we're pretty much experts in that matter.

    I’m pretty sure Kenny Miller will have enough money in the bank at this stage of his career that he can afford to lose a few quid so he can continue to play most weeks.
  2. The thing is, I don’t Baird is passing if he is in the same position as Spencer. Happy if Miller signs but feel sorry for our midfield, can’t be many that rival Miller and Baird for complaining!

    Yeah too right Baird would have been shooting! I don’t like the selfish side of Bairds game, always moaning if he’s not played in. I still love him though!
  3. How do we line up if we do sign Kenny? I’m pretty sure, at his age, he will only be going somewhere where’s he’s had a guarantee of a game. Assuming then that he will be first choice, who do we leave out? I can’t see it working with him and Baird up top but seems a bit of a shame to bomb out Bairdy who’s just starting to come onto a game.

  4. Could we really do better? Mcglynn has been trying to do that for 26 days in this window so far, and has been knocked back 4 times. The Gullan situation isn't in our hands so don't know what else there is. Chance a loan signing and hope they are decent? 
    We can't just rely on Bowie, Baird and Smith. Smith is untested really and Bowie has fantastic potential, but is still young and raw. Granted we scored a good few goals yesterday, but away to Forfar we were crying out for a centre forward to get on the end of those great cross balls. 
    Miller is not my first choice, I doubt he's anyone's at this stage of his career. But he's a vastly experienced centre forward who scores goals. Granted its a risk given his age, but we have a pressing need to get out this league in the next 4 months. Its worth a gamble, and you can't say he wouldn't buried some of the glaring chances that have cost us points this season. 
    Think the Skacel comparisons are lazy. He was brought in as Lockes mate having not played in a few years. I'd like to think we owe Mcglynn a bit more credit than that. 
    We are a League 1 club who have lost out on every target so far in this window. I'm not really sure what other credible options are out there. 

    Good post Calderon. My thoughts exactly. I’d also add he’s scored 10 goals, more than stone in a Raith shirt has, for a struggling team in a higher league than us.
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