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  1. I think Dick already has that in his game. He was unlucky not to score against the Pars at home then he scored twice against Killie, albeit one was chopped off. It’s more Millen I’d be questioning with whether or not he’s got that side to his game.
  2. Na me neither. I think the only difference next season will be that Liam Dick will be playing predominantly at left back and not having to fill in too often (touch wood) at centre half. Whoever we sign will more than likely be back up rather than a regular.
  3. Do you think 4132 is Murray’s preferred formation for next season or what he’s playing just now because of who’s available? Personally I think we will be back to 4231 when Brown and Matthews are back.
  4. The Annan number 7, Benjamin Luissint, certainly looks a player! Not sure if everything just fell for him yesterday or if he plays like that every week. If it’s the later, it won’t be long until he moves on!
  5. I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here but I think that Vaughan is beginning to fade away a little. He doesn’t look as electric as he was in previous seasons. I don’t know if it’s his injuries catching up with him or if it’s down to us having similar ‘magic’ players like Easton, Connolly and perhaps now Mullin.
  6. Does anyone know if there’s any tv coverage today? Wasn’t sure if RTV might be covering it
  7. You’re playing Arnott, who’s only ever played in a deep lying midfield role, in a wide attacking position?
  8. Did Murray not say that Matthews and Brown would be back for this one? Getting them a few minutes in the legs would be great going into the league business!
  9. You’ll grow into it at Christmas! At least that’s how my clothes seem to fit!
  10. Murray’s ‘We are a different animal this season’ comment is very true. I just hope for our sake we can clear these injuries up!
  11. I’d almost forgotten about Ethon Varian! What a strange player he was. As a target man he had every attribute you’d want. Strong, reasonably quick, good touch etc… he just couldn’t score! A quick wiki search shows he still hasn’t been able to sort that side of his game out yet either.
  12. I meant more people in general rather than you specifically
  13. Yeah I did, and as I expected, he argued his side of things very well. Before you’re won over though, you’d be better reading the judges verdict for a bit of balance!
  14. I have no issue with how last night went. We completely controlled the game and must have had around 80% possession. Albion were so compact that we were never going to get in behind or round the outside of them.
  15. Yeah he’s been pretty anonymous so far but once we have a fully fit frontline he will probably be on the bench. He will still be an upgrade on what we’ve had on the bench in recent seasons so I’m not disappointed
  16. Sam Stanton will need to get used to playing deep as, when Matthews or Brown are fit, he will be back on the bench. He’s not going to play in the number 10 position assuming our attacking players are all available.
  17. Hi Mr Masson. How’s young Adam tonight? Is he in his bed yet?
  18. I’d echo that. Corr has all the attributes needed apart from actual experience. If he gets 15 or so games under his belt this season he might just turn out to be a cracker.
  19. McGill struggled in the first half, was a bit better in the second half but he is still miles ahead of Masson for the RB cover.
  20. I’ve not seen him fluff a kick out yet since he joined us.
  21. The only downside of it is that theres no moderation. The chants of ‘Paedo’ aimed at Bene would probably have been shouted down after the first airing!
  22. A couple of other points from today, our social media updates claimed, at lunchtime, we had sold 4500 tickets and only a few remained in the railway stand. The official attendance was given as 4,000 and the railway stand was half full at best. While I fully understand trying to put a positive spin on things, let’s just stick to facts. Secondly, fair play to Bene today. He hit a woman in the face with the ball who needed medical attention. When the HT whistle sounded he went right over to check she was ok.
  23. I’m normally a glass half empty kind of guy, particularly after a derby ‘defeat’ but I took a lot of positives from today. We got stuck in, played with a lot of passion and probably should have scored at least one more than we did. Once the league starts I think we will be just fine!
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