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  1. Let’s not start on that CEO… another of Sim’s mistakes.
  2. I still find it remarkable that Sim managed to pass the blame of contract clauses onto Mcglynn. The same John Sim that’s a global head of an international accountancy firm.
  3. Did anyone DM the guy in the know about the GK? Who is it?
  4. I think you’re right with this. They maybe aren’t ‘better’ on paper but it’s something different. For one reason or another Gullan, Ross and dare I say it even Vaughan haven’t been able to give us what we hoped they would. We pinned our hopes on them and it hasn’t worked. Bringing in other options means all the chips aren’t going on the same numbers any more.
  5. Yeah but I heard his conservatory windows were letting in drafts
  6. Rumour has it that Callum Smith from Airdrie has signed this morning. Strange one if true…
  7. Why do folk think Ferguson and Thomson? Both left after disagreements with the Kelty board I’m sure.
  8. It was confirmed by Matt Elder, formerly of this parish, in the Scotsman too. He’s fairly reliable so wouldn’t completely discount its credibility.
  9. I was on the fence with Murray, I was disappointed with how our season panned out but think he deserved another bite at it. Losing him at this stage is a blow to our preparations… negated slightly by our new ‘structure’ where hopefully the show goes on with Potter planning things so that the cogs don’t completely stop turning.
  10. Possibly but I think contracts expire at the end of next week. I know Spencer has until then to decide whether he wants to trigger an extension. The likelihood is that we will wait until the deals have expired before announcing it.
  11. Murray got Airdrie to the playoff final and was only beaten by a team on the up and one that came a whisker away from winning the championship the following season.
  12. I would… in a heart beat! Given Millen's consistency and lack of injuries, there’s no way a new right back will be on our shopping list though.
  13. Gutted! Had just smashed up the wee man’s piggy bank as well
  14. This is doing the rounds on the group chats tonight. Not sure if it’s 100% but if it is, it’s an absolute belter!
  15. I’m not sure if I’ve got this wrong but didn’t the new consortium buy out 51% of the shares? So say that Sim then owns 49% of the club would mean that he owned 100% of all shares beforehand which can’t be right. His remaining shareholding in the club won’t be much.
  16. I don’t disagree with any of that however I always found it a bit pointless when the elected board member chose to sit in the directors box at games rather than with the ordinary unprivileged fans they were supposed to be representing. You don’t gauge fan opinion unless you’re in with them. K107 mentioned that there would be a ‘sub’ board, or something to that effect, that would house the fans rep along with others.
  17. There was a massive need for a fan presence on the board at the time of reclaim the rovers. The Glasgow mob were so far removed from the fans of the club that it became a huge issue. We currently have Kilgour, Smart and Macdonald on the board, all three are life long fans and live locally. I don’t see the elected rep as being as much of a necessity any more.
  18. Did he really? Hendry played 4 games in league 1, two of them from the bench I’m sure whereas Barjonas played in the championship and scored two goals. His contribution was more than Hendry’s initial contribution.
  19. I’m a bit surprised at the negativity towards Barjonas too. I remember when Regan Hendry first came in under Smith. He hardly kicked a ball and was less than impressive. Fast forward to the following season when he came back and he was outstanding!
  20. Murray will be here next season, even if we lose the next two. The last thing we need now is even more upheaval. Id be happy to part ways with Spencer, he was a pivotal player alongside Hendry but hasn’t really kicked on this season. Maybe Brown being a defensive midfielder hasn’t helped his game. Connolly is another that’s hardly broken a sweat in the last couple of months. I wonder if he’s decided it’s time to move on? He’s gone from one of our most pivotal players to being pretty much anonymous.
  21. I don’t have a problem with that. While our goal is to reach the premier league, there’s nothing wrong with getting rid of players who aren’t good enough to get you there. The problem comes when the players we bring in are worse than the ones they replace. If the noises coming out of the club were that championship survival was our aim then Bene would have been more that fine for that. That’s on the club not the fans.
  22. What it tends to mean is that the person writing it tends to be jealous of the local businessman’s success so rather than putting it down to hard work, they try to smear them with some nonsense to make themselves feel better.
  23. I’ve been told the original deal was for both the club and the stadium. Sim and Mackenzie’s valuations were poles apart so the deal fell through. They came back to the table, agreed to buy the club now and continue to discuss the stadium with a view to buying that eventually too.
  24. That’s a really strange comment for Murray to make. I’d imagine a lot of teams at our level, even ones with grass pitches, will train on astro, particularly during the winter so I’m not too sure if it’ll be that. Airdrie also had a plastic pitch so it’s not something new to Murray. I noticed that when Mcgylnn joined Falkirk, he didn’t take the fitness/sport science guys with him. I wonder if he’s not happy with what they have been doing?
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