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  1. Here’s who many believe to be his pal that’s sat next to him.
  2. Fans booing their team off after a win is amazing.
  3. Only one team making an effort to play football…
  4. Tell you what, we’re doing our best to keep this exciting!
  5. It should be left empty, blah blah, keep us out.
  6. What a ball that was too! Correct call from VAR sadly.
  7. Different conversation mate but nice try. Edit: Nice of you to admit you’re thick though.
  8. I’m not engaging further on you being deliberately thick.
  9. Aye cos hating the country of your birth is the same as hating a country that historically has treated your birth land like shite.
  10. Ange. Hands down. Rodgers side to side passive nonsense is eye bleed material.
  11. Rangers used to have a screening process in regards to the stewards they used . They seem to work very hard to make sure they are “Rangers minded.” The kiosk staff is a bit of a free for all and they accept all comers. Maybe I’m being disingenuous to them though and it’s the security firm they use for their stewards that seem to send predominantly Rangers fans to steward their games. They did however, a few years back, as for match day volunteers from their support to do stewarding.
  12. Equally, accept that the number of people who support the royal family is waning all over Britain. Whether you like it or not.
  13. How did you manage to turn this into an dig at Celtic fans I’m impressed!
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